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How Can Men Benefit From The Lawn Madness That Goes On Every Year In Pakistan?

As we all know our designers every year during the lawn season play with emotions of our beautiful women.

Now the question is how can men benefit from it?

See, here is how you can benefit from all the lunacy happening in the fashion industry especially during the lawn season which starts from late Feb and lasts until end April majorly.

The emotions our designers play with every year during this season are the only emotions that are not linked to a man in any way. This is one thing that diverts a woman’s attention from a man to something else. As long as the lawn madness continues our men are safe. They can get time to themselves because their wives/girlfriends are too busy trying to get their hands on their favorite lawn joda (dress).

So, all the men out there enjoy while it lasts because once their dresses are ready and especially the ones they got after going through a lot of hassle, they would need to go out with you to wear them. You cannot say “no” at such a critical time because that is when all the anger will come down on you, so please bear with them because they have gone through a lot. Understand this but don’t forget to enjoy your “me-time” while they are busy buying;).

Also, don’t hesitate paying them whatever amount they are asking for because that is the amount you are paying for your happiness, for your “me-time”, for your joy, for the time you can make memories with your male friends, for the time you can have to yourself for watching your favorite TV shows and mainly the time when you can feel like a king at home by being in charge of the TV remote.  Also, it’s advisable if you could just give them the car or a driver. You can go travel on a rickshaw or take a local transport. How you travel doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t because you are getting time to celebrate with your male friends. Did it matter during your college/university years? Just relive those times with your buddies! If you can’t take advantage of this awesome time you are doomed for the rest of the year.

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