Natural Pain Relievers

Check out these natural ways to reduce pain!

1. Essential Oils

A lot of Natural Essential oils can be helpful when dealing with different types of pain. You can use them to either contribute to your well being through relaxation or to curb the pain directly. Pour lavender oil in your bath to soothe your mind and body, to reduce stress, and to alleviate tension. It will promote the quality of sleep and positively impact your health by preventing a range of painful sensations including migraines, aching joints, and neck and back pain. Some oils can be used directly on the affected part of the body to warm it up or cool it down and consequently reduce the discomfort.

2. Temperature

Apply hot or cold compresses to the troubled area to warm up the tissue or to reduce the inflammation. The heating pad will do wonders for cramping and tense muscles while an ice-cold compress will reduce swelling and soothe the area. Try interchanging both techniques for better results and see what works for your situation.

3. Movement

Many of the pain management and neurology professionals agree on the beneficial effects of the movement on our bodies. For example, many doctors discourage people who struggle with back pain from bed rest. The lack of actions can result in further stiffness and will possibly cause the locking of the muscles located in the area. Make sure to do stretching exercises every day. They will loosen up the muscles and prevent you from getting stuck in the same position throughout the whole day.

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By : Natural Health News

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