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L.A Girl Pro Conceal Concealer

Brand Name: L.A Girl

Shade: Creamy Beige

Finish: Matte

Overall Rating: 5/5

Packaging Highlights

  •     Comes in a nice squeeze tube with a bristle applicator attached on top for application
  •     Travel friendly tube
  •     Awesome packaging for the price


  •     Great coverage
  •     Does not crease
  •     Lightweight texture
  •     User friendly packaging
  •     Offers buildable coverage
  •     Blends to a nice matte finish
  •     Conceals dark circles instantly
  •     Lasts for a long time (for about 7 to 8 hours)
  •     Also great for applying as a base over brightening concealer

What I don’t like about L.A GIRL PRO CONCEAL CONCEALER?

  •     I absolutely love this concealer so there is nothing to not like about this baby!

My thoughts

I have been a huge fan of stick concealers and have tried a number of concealers over a period of time form high end to low end ones. I had heard a lot about L.A GIRL PRO CONCEAL a lot from some of the very influential YouTubers, bloggers, friends and family members so one I was ordering morphe brushes I thought it is such an expensive products let’s just add this to basket too since everyone is raving about it. I must say I am very happy since the day I have started using it. It’s magical at such a low price. I use it to concealer my dark circles and to even out my under eye area. Once done with applying one coat of this concealer I go with my regular Urban Decay brightening concealer and voila! My under eye area is flawless for approximately 10 hours. I finish it with NYX banana powder and tada!
What is it made of?
Ingredients N/A

Photos for Reference

L.A Girl Pro Conceal Concealer







L.A Girl Pro Conceal Concealer







L.A Girl Pro Conceal Concealer









L.A Girl Pro Conceal Concealer







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