Indian Snakeroot

What is Indian Snakeroot?

Indian Snakeroot is a flowering plant with small red flowers that is native to the Indian subcontinent and East Asia. As the name implies, the roots of this plant are the part used for medicinal purposes. The roots can be chewed or dried and powdered. Chewing is the most traditional method of consumption and is still practiced today. This plant was used in ancient China, Rome, Persia, and India as far back as two thousand years.

Benefits of Indian Snakeroot

•    It is great for heart health. It dilates the blood vessels reducing strain on the heart. This in turn prevents conditions such as atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack
•    It relaxes the mind providing relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. It effects hormones within the body and helps balance out mood
•    It is a mild sedative that relaxes the body and promotes restful and uninterrupted sleep. This is great for those suffering from insomnia and restlessness as they can get the deep restorative sleep that they need
•    It has a soothing effect on the gastrointestinal system that helps the stomach cleanse itself and function normally. This is the reason that it is an effective remedy for both constipation and diarrhea
•    It is great at fighting inflammation and this effect has been known and popular for hundreds of years. This is the reason that it has been used to treat insect bites, snake venom, and other sorts of inflamed wounds. Not only does it reduce inflammation of bites and venoms but also neutralizes their toxins
•    It helps reduce inflammation and pain caused by arthritis, tendinitis, and gout
•    It is an anti-pyretic meaning it can reduce fevers
•    It is beneficial for women who have menstrual issues. Not only can it regulate the menstrual cycle but can also help balance out mood. It also reduces cramps and bloating that occurs along with menstruation

By : Natural Health News

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