What is Eleuthero?

Eleuthero is small shrub that is mainly found in Russia, Japan, China, and Korea. It is also commonly known as Siberian ginseng. Though the ancient Chinese have been using it as medicine for thousands of years, it has been known to the western world for only a century. It is quickly becoming the most widely researched and studied herb of modern times.

Benefits of Eleuthero

  •     It boosts the immune system when taken along with other immune system enhancing herbs. If taken earlier in the illness it can reduce the duration and severity of colds
  •     It increases energy levels by boosting metabolism, reducing cloudiness, and increasing circulation. People who suffer from excessive day time sleepiness (EDTS) can find this herb greatly beneficial
  •     It is a nootropic, meaning that it can improve cognitive functions. It is thought to achieve this by increasing blood flow to the brain and small capillaries. This results in an increase in mental sharpness, focus, and memory function. It has shown to improve academic performance of test takers in clinical settings
  •     It is an adaptogen, which means it can help the body adapt to physical and emotional stress. It has been shown that this herb improves the user’s response to stress
  •     It slows or stops the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease by neutralizing the free radicals that cause plaque to form in the brain. The elimination of free radicals keeps neural pathways clean, improving memory retention and recall
  •     It benefits patients that suffer from inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis and gout. A recent scientific study has shown that it can improve the flexibility and functioning of joints while simultaneously also lowering overall pain
  •     It improves heart health by lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation by dilating blood vessels, and reducing overall cholesterol levels. These effects relieve strain on the heart and prevent serious illnesses such as atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes
  •     It regulates blood sugar levels within the body and prevents diabetic shock from occurring by preventing sudden spikes and dips in sugar levels. This makes it ideal for diabetics for whom sudden fluctuations of blood sugar can be deadly

By : Natural Health News

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