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Hearing Loss Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Hearing Loss ?

Gradually, hearing loss known as presbycusis occurs as you age and is very common. Nearly one-third of the population in the United States between the 65 and 75 ages has less chance of hearing loss. Who are above 75, the ratio among people with hearing loss is nearly 2 percent.
It is believed by the doctors that chronic and heredity contact to loud noises is the main cause that contributes towards hearing loss. Furthermore, there are other factors, for example, excessive earwax can temporarily stop your ears from sounds.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hearing Loss ?

The hearing loss symptoms may consist of:

  • Speech Muffling as well as dampening of other sounds.
  • Difficulty in getting words, particularly against noise at the background or in a crowd.
  • Difficulty in hearing consonants
  • Regularly asking others to express or speak slowly, loudly and clearly.
  • Conversations Withdrawal
  • Social settings or events avoidance

What Are The Causes Of Hearing Loss ?

Some hearing loss causes consists of inner ear damage, an earwax accumulation, infections as well as a ruptured inner ear. To find out how hearing loss happens, it may be supportive to understand hoe loss of hearing occurs:

How hearing loss can occur

Hearing loss causes consist of:

  • Damage or injury to the inner ear.  If there is a prolonged contact to loud noise, it may initiate wear and tear in the brain nerve cells or hair. When these nerve cells or hair are missing or damaged, the hearing loss occur.
  • A gradual earwax buildup: the earwax is able to block the ear canal as well as stop sound waves conduction. The blockage of Earwax is a major reason of hearing loss among people of every age. Earwax removal technique is done to restore.
  • Ruptured or Injured eardrum (which is known as TMP (tympanic membrane perforation). Loud noise blasts, sudden pressure changes, pushing your eardrum with the help of an object as well as infection may initiate your eardrum to degenerate and disturb your hearing capacities.

How Hearing Loss Is Diagnosis ?

Different tests are conducted to diagnose loss of hearing may consist of:

Physical examination: A doctor may examine your ear for favorable hearing loss causes, for instance, earwax or swelling due to an infection.

Common screening tests: A doctor may perform some screening tests like he may ask you to cover your ear and observe how well your hearing capacity is.

Audiometer tests: In the duration of such tests done by an experienced audiologist, you have to wear earphones as well as hear sounds which are directed to one ear only at a time. The audiologist represents a various tones range of sounds and asks you to mention every time you listen the sound.

How Hearing Loss Is Treatment ?

Treatment usually depends on the severity and cause of hearing loss. Following are the options:

  • Removing blockage of wax.
  • Surgical procedures to get rid of any trauma or injury.
  • Hearing aids to assist while hearing.

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