Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose Iii

Sanskrit Name: Utthita Hasta Padangustasana

Good for: Ankle or low back injuries


  •     Stretches hamstrings and hips
  •     Stretches adductors
  •     Reinforces back and arm muscles
  •     Enhances sense of balance
  •     Provides composure to the mind and enhances focus


  •     Bring your left knee toward your belly from Tadasana
  •     Reach your left arm inside the thigh
  •     Cross it over the front ankle
  •     Hold the outside of your left foot
  •     Secure the front thigh muscles of the standing leg
  •     Press the outer thigh inward
  •     Inhale and spread the left leg forward
  •     Straighten the knee as much as possible
  •      If you’re stable, swipe the leg out to the side
  •     Respire progressively

Remember: *Breathing takes attentiveness, but it helps you achieve equilibrium.*

  •     Hold for 30 seconds
  •     Spread the leg back to center with an inhale
  •     Lower the foot to the floor with an exhale
  •     Repeat on the other side for the same span of time

Good to know

  •     You can clutch this pose longer by assisting the raised-leg foot on the top edge of a chair back which is padded with a blanket for upkeep
  •     Set the chair an inch or two from a wall and press your elevated heel resolutely to the wall

By : Natural Health News

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