Get The Most Out Of These Vitamins To Keep Your Heart Healthy

We all know heart is one the most important organs of our body and is normally ranked as the no.1 on the most important organs’ list. It is obviously very important to keep it healthy and free of any triggers that can lead to unhealthy heart further resulting in heart attack where you end up damaging some of your important heart muscles. The death of these heart muscles in some cases can also result in instant death of the affected individual. Thus, so far, heart is an important organ and it needs some vitamins that can help prevent heart disease and even heart attack in some cases.

The essential vitamins required for healthy heart functioning include:

How do these vitamins really help?

Starting with VITAMIN B, this vitamin family is miraculous for your heart and is without a doubt considered a very heart healthy vitamin. In detail, vitamins B9, B6 and B12 work to help the body uproot homocysteine from the blood which is a very common reason behind the artery damage.

VITAMIN C works by preventing the motion of free radicals in the body which means that it helps fight heart disease by averting damage to the arteries. It does so by building collagen which is responsible for inhibiting the activity of free radicles in the body.

A vitamin that is known to gain fast popularity in recent years is VITAMIN D which has been identified by the cardiologists as the key role player in regulating blood pressure, inflammation and glucose control. All of these contribute a great deal to a healthy heart. You can easily get most of your vitamin D from direct sunlight which promotes the production of this vitamin under the skin in reaction to the sunlight.

Another very essential vitamin, VITAMIN E works by protecting blood fats. It works by lowering the cholesterol levels and by helping the body to get rid of additional cholesterol buildup in the arteries. It ensures a smooth running of your cardiovascular system so that it can operate smoothly without any complications. Combined with vitamin C it can also help keep the blood cells non-toxic which is another very essential benefit of this vitamin.

Vitamin K is considered an ideal vitamin for your heart and bone health. It helps prevent coronary artery disease and also makes your bones quite stronger so it has double benefits for elderly patients who in their later years suffer from weakening of bones and unhealthy heart.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a strong antioxidant compound which is found in every cell in the body. It normally helps defend the healthy cells in the body by shielding against the damage of free radicals. CoQ10’s plays a key role in heart health and is strongly associated to how well it functions as an antioxidant. This enzyme exists inside the mitochondria which is the energy-producing part of the cell where itexpedites the energy production.This energy derived from this process then provisions the basic operation of all cells including heart cells.

Lastly, Omega 3 is considered a magnificent heart healthy vitamin which you normally find in fish oil. It drops cholesterol levels in the body, lowers the content of triglycerides, reduces blood pressure and offers you massive fortification from heart attacks and strokes.

So, that means rushing to the supplement store and consuming all these in one go?


Don’t do this. Get your levels checked for each vitamin through a reliable lab and then initially start having the foods that are rich in these vitamins. If you still can’t reach the recommended number then it is advisable to consult your physician and ask for supplements.


By : Natural Health News

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