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General Tips For Those Following Gm Diet Plan

Dos & Don’ts Of GM Diet Plan

Here are a percentage of the extremely valuable tips that will keep you generally educated and will help you effortlessly accomplish your objective without any nuisance. We have assembled everything related to GM diet plan in one section for your ease only. See underneath a portion of the Dos and Don’ts that we want to impart to the followers of this regimen.

Happy dieting!


  •  It is advisable to have herbal teas while you are on GM diet.
  •  Wonder soup can be consumed on any day out of the 7 days of this diet plan. There is no restriction on this soup because all it does is improve the efficiency of this diet regimen.
  •  Follow this diet plan once for only one week and give a break of about 4 to 5 weeks to do it again.
  •  Eat 3 proper meals a day once you are done with GM diet to maintain the weight lost.
  •  Divide proteins, carbs and fats equally each day to get the most out of them. Leave protein for dinner for better results.
  •  You can definitely have normal spices, salt and pepper as per your taste during this 7 day diet regimen.


  •  Coffee should be strictly avoided because your system is being cleansed when you are on this diet plan.
  •  Alcohol is strictly not allowed while you are following this diet routine. So, be careful and stay away from alcohol. That might in the long run be helpful in getting you less addicted to alcohol. You never know 😉
  •  You cannot have processed in-store foods that contain preservatives of any sort. You cannot have Subway even though it is considered fresh but still there are processed ingredients in that too so NO SUBWAY either. GM diet basically requires cutting down processed foods so that you enjoy weight loss along with a thoroughly cleansed system.
  •  You cannot have more than 4 regular size bananas on Day 4. 6 bananas are only allowed if they are tiny in size.
  •  You cannot have honey or lemon water or any such formula while you are on this diet.
  •  You SHOULD NOT follow this diet plan for the rest of your life or even continuously for 2 or more weeks.
  •  Do not go completely fat free once you have completed the GM Diet.
  •  Do not take dry fruits or nuts because they might hinder the efficiency of this diet plan.
  •  In order to enjoy the results longer kindly do not go back to unhealthy eating because that is going to reverse the effects of any diet plan, let alone GM diet.

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