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*Sample plans are given at the bottom of the page – Taken from the original GMdietworks own website.*

GM Diet Day 4 Breakfast

The best way to start Day 4 is by consuming a banana paired with a glass of warm milk (almond milk or a very lite coconut milk will be fine as well). Some followers prefer a bowl of sliced bananas on milk like those in breakfast cereals, only without the cereal content.
Skim milk should be used all day in this stage; full milk proves to be heavy on the stomach and filled with unnecessary nutrients that are not beneficial to the weight loss regimen.

GM Diet Day 4 Lunch

Lunch served in Day 4 consists of a bowl of vegetable soup. Most soup bowls consist of various vegetable produce flavored with Herbs and spices. Best vegetable soups that can be served during lunch include tomato soup and cabbage stew, as they are packed with natural flavors that the taste buds would savor even as the day ends.

GM Diet Day 4 Dinner

Dinner in Day 4 may consist of a serving of vegetable soup and banana shake. This can be quite heavy to handle later at night, so followers may forego the shake and focus on the soup, as this alone can keep them full until the next morning.

GM Diet Day 4 Midday Snacks and Beverages

In Day 4, the only recommended snacks would be bananas and milk, which can be served in cold banana shakes. These snacks prove to be essential as they taste naturally delightful and at the same time are a popular drink even in conventional beverages.

Recipes for GM Diet Day 4

Cabbage Soup recipe for Day 4


1 cup shredded cabbage
1 cup sliced celery
1 onion, minced
2 sliced green peppers


Boil onion, peppers, cabbage and celery in water together with salt, pepper and herbs for flavoring. Any flavoring may be used as long as there is no fat included. Extra vegetables may be added except for beans as they add extra calories. Serve hot.

Banana Shake Recipe for Day 4


2 bananas, sliced
2 glasses skim milk (almond milk or a very lite coconut milk will be fine as well)
2 glasses crushed ice


In a blender, mix all ingredients until a creamy, frothy shake is formed. No sugar is required as the flavor is already naturally sweet. Serves 2.


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