Food Choices You Can Make For Your Colon Cleanse Diet Plan

Gastrointestinal issues are generally increasing these days because of the poor food choices our young generation is making these days. It is really important to keep you colon cleansed for better digestion and better overall health. Here are 6 foods that can be incorporated in your

colon cleanse diet plan:

1.    Apples – promote healthy digestion and are rich in fiber.

a.    Whole apples
b.    Apple juice
c.    Apple cider vinegar
d.    Apple sauce

2.    Avocados

a.    Great option for detoxification and digestion
b.    Promotes healthy bowel movements
c.    Cleanses the colon
d.    Effectively reduce overall risk of developing colon cancer
e.    Important for absorbing water
f.    Maintains bowel irregularity and constipation

3.    Flax and chia seeds

a.    Rich in fats and fiber
b.    Help promote healthy digestions
c.    Cleanse colon
d.    Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber
e.    Help promote healthy digestion
f.    Stabilize cell walls and reduce inflammation

4.    Chlorophyll-rich greens

a.    Promote healthy digestion
b.    Cleanse colon
c.    Detoxify your liver

5.    Clean water with sea salt

a.    Keeps colon hydrated
b.    Prevents constipations and toxic buildup
c.    Fluoride-free water is ideal for healthy colon
d.    Sea salt promotes detoxification

6.    Fermented foods

a.    Prevent damage to your gut flora which caused by environmental and food chemicals, antibiotic drugs, processed foods, and other factors
So, next time you want to go on a colon cleanse diet, make sure that you incorporate the foods mentioned above in your diet plan.

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