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Five Genetic Causes of Male Infertility You Should Know

Male Infertility

When both of you decide to become parents of a baby, you make a plan for it and move ahead. You make intimate physical relations with your wife/female partner at the right time. Some of you have no success in becoming parents of a healthy child even after making unprotected sexual relationships with your partner for more than six months or a year. At that time, there is a possibility of infertility in you or your female partner. It is, as both of you are responsible for having a baby. As a responsible husband/male, you should consult an expert at an infertility centre in Bangalore or the city where you live. After going through the test results of a few advised checkups, the fertility specialist can say anything about your fertility problems. Here are some genetic causes/reasons that could affect your fertility:

  1. Klinefelter Syndrome

It occurs to you if you have an additional X chromosome. This additional chromosome gives you XXY chromosomes rather than usual XY. It is a highly common genetic issue and occurs to every one male in 500-1000 males. If it occurs to you, it will make you have no or low sperm count in your semen. The sperm count is lower in comparison with the average testosterone levels. Your doctor may refer you to a genetic counsellor or endocrinologist to know how this condition will affect your parenthood journey. In some cases, the expert extracts sperm from the male testicles and uses the same to fertilise eggs in a lab through ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

  1. Y Chromosome

If you have missed portions of the Y chromosome, you will have fertility problems. In some cases of severe infertility, there are very small deletions of male genetic material in regions affecting the development of sperm cells. Finding the exact location of such deletions might help to extract sperm from the testicles. If a man with this reproductive health condition has boys naturally or by art, it will be passed to them. Female children have no fear of having such conditions as females have sex chromosomes XX, buy not Y.

  1. Cystic Fibrosis Gene Mutation

As per a study, around one in each 32 000 people of Caucasian ethnicity has cystic fibrosis. Some scholars have found different forms of such a condition that cause only males having infertility. You need to go for genetic counselling if you have such a genetic problem. Otherwise, your wife/female partner will have difficulties in becoming pregnant even after having protected sex with you. Here is what the expert will do:

  • Find out whether you, your female partner, or both of you have gene mutation causing cystic fibrosis.
  • You will produce sperm normally if you (male) have CF.
  • Extract sperm and use the same to fertilise your partner’s eggs through IVF
  1. Noonan Syndrome

It occurs to you when there are more than 8 mutations in your genes. After birth, it is visible and may consist of several physical effects that differ from one person to another. The abnormalities caused by it could be present in the sternum, facial structure, spine, head, and elbows. Further, the abnormalities could be

  • Blood disorders
  • Heart defects
  • Intellectual issues
  • Infertility

As per the National Association of Rare Disorders, around 60 to 75% males with this syndrome have a higher chance of having cryptorchidism in some form. If you treat this through surgical procedures, you will have a lack of mature sperm and cause fertility problems.

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  1. Other Genetic Disorders

Apart from the above-mentioned genetic causes, there are some other genetic disorders that can be a barrier in your way of parenthood/having a baby normally. Here are some of them:

  • Spermatogenesis: It decreases your ability to have healthy sperm cells in your semen.
  • Azoospermia: It works as a barrier in the production of sperm cells in semen.
  • Oligospermia: It causes low or poor sperm quality and leads you to infertility

What Should You Do?

You should do nothing, except having an appointment with a fertility specialist. Instead of being stressed or worried, you should pay attention to what your doctor says and follow all his/her instructions. The expert will help you have a successful parenthood by treating you through ART (assisted reproductive technology).

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Infertility, whether it relates to you or your female partner, is treatable. Apart from being associated with physical or reproductive health conditions, it relates to your genes. An expert can help you know the exact reason behind male infertility and become a father of a cute & healthy child.

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