Acupuncture for Infertility: Is It Safe and Effective?

Infertility can be defined in a single sentence “Inability to conceive naturally”.  If a woman finds difficulty in conceiving even after one year of unprotected sex then the probability of infertility is 90%. There can be many underlying reasons for this problem which can be diagnosed properly at a good infertility hospital.

Alternative therapies and medicines for infertility treatment

Some couples resort to alternative therapies for infertility treatment. One such therapy is acupuncture. Now, the question arises such alternative medicines and treatments can help in solving issues like infertility problems in men and women. This is an important point of discussion.

Let’s check the details about acupuncture, its role in the treatment of infertility, and the safety aspects of this therapy as well.

Understanding the concept of acupuncture 

Acupuncture is a Chinese method of treatment that is popular across the globe. Chinese acupuncture, and trigger point acupuncture are two of the most common types of acupuncture techniques used these days.

The treatment of Acupuncture starts with the insertion of small needles in specific parts or rather points of the body. The insertion of needles in the specified points stimulates as well as improves the blood circulation in that area. The needles are inserted at the pinpoints for around 20 to 30 minutes. The number of needles for insertion and the insertion points is different for different people.

Note: The professionals say combining this treatment with certain alternative medicines can be beneficial in treating infertility and other serious health issues as well.

Use of acupuncture technique for infertility treatment

There are myriad reasons behind the use of acupuncture techniques in an infertility hospital. Have a look:

  • It is well-understood that stress is one of the prior factors that create issues in natural conception. According to acupuncture experts, this alternative treatment helps in relieving stress to a great extent.
  • Another big reason for infertility is hormonal imbalance. Acupuncture experts claim that it is an effective treatment for balancing the level of hormones.
  • Acupuncture can also be instrumental in improving the blood flow to the reproductive organs and this, in turn, can also be beneficial for couples suffering from infertility issues.

Wondering when acupuncture can be done for infertility treatment?

Ideally, women can opt for Acupuncture during a follicular phase which starts with the 5, 6, 7 and 8 days of the menstrual cycle. The woman trying to conceive can also start her acupuncture treatment during the implantation phase (starts from 6 to 10 days after ovulation).

So, roughly the woman can get the acupuncture treatment around 3 to 4 days a month. However, if the woman is facing issues like problems in follicular development, etc. then the acupuncturist may recommend therapy twice a week.

The safety aspect of acupuncture in infertility treatment

This is an important part of this alternative medicine. Here one important point to note is that there is not much data available about the efficacy of this alternative therapy in infertility treatment. However, you can try out this treatment method as an additional treatment process for infertility treatment. But before that, you should consult a specialist in a reputed infertility hospital.

  • The doctor recommended you opt for this alternate treatment only after checking your medical history, your present health condition, and other necessary details.
  • Next, if you are going for acupuncture treatment then always choose a certified and trained acupuncture specialist.
  • Also, the patient needs to ensure that the practitioner is using proper and sterilised equipment for the treatment.

Can acupuncture treatment work for infertility issues?

Now whether acupuncture treatment can work for infertility issues depends on the problems that the patient is facing. Also, it depends on whether you are getting the right treatment from a certified professional. But before you opt for any such treatment method, make sure that you consult with your doctor and only then take the decision about the same.

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Wrap Up

Infertility is a big issue for a couple that sometimes pampers their life. It can be caused due to physical, mental, genetic, psychological, or other health problems. These days, several alternative treatment methods such as Acupuncture are available for the treatment of infertility. But, before proceeding with any such treatment the couple should go to a reputed infertility hospital like Mannat Fertility Centre to consult a specialist. Afterward, they must ensure that if they are opting for this treatment then it should be only through a licensed and well-trained acupuncturist.

So, ask your doctor’s and after their recommendation, choose an experienced acupuncture specialist to provide the treatment.

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