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First Impression Review/Swatches Of Becca Champagne Glow Palette – Limited Edition

How I ended up buying it?

I wasn’t planning on buying it as I already had Champagne pop, Anastasia Starlight and Blush copper was something I did not want to try but then it just happened. I loved the packaging so much that I had to, HAD TO get it plus the rave reviews of all YouTubers made me want to buy it. That is my story of how I ended up getting my hands on it. I go crazy over the packaging and this palette takes full score when it comes to delighting us makeup freaks with the wonderful packaging.

About Champagne Glow Palette

This was a limited edition palette launched for Holiday season 2015 exclusively for Sephora with Jaclyn Hill’s signature on top and her photo at the back. The palette was not made in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill except her baby, the center shade Champagne Pop which was incorporated into it. They just used her name and dedicated it to her but other than Champagne Pop; both the colors were totally Becca’s own produce. This was the first time pearl came in pressed form and won away so many hearts that Becca had to make it permanent. So, now Champagne Pop and Pearl are available for purchase individually but this palette is sold out everywhere. If you want to get your hands on it you got to check the bids on amazon and if you are lucky enough to buy it in a reasonable bid then you DEFINITELY ARE LUCKY!

Detailed Review

Blush Copper

All three shades are beautiful. Blush copper I initially thought I would never like but ended up loving it as a matte blush topper or on its own because it adds so much of healthy glow to my cheeks that they look like they are naturally that glowy, fresh and pulsating. Highly recommended for people with medium o deep skin tones!

Champagne Pop

This is Jaclyn’s baby and is available in full size as well but that too, for a limited time period. It is amazingness in a pan. I don’t even feel like expressing what I feel about the particular shade because I know so many of you already have similar emotions towards this. This is truly what she calls “Highlighter on fleek”.


Another beautiful shade which Becca had to make permanent because it looked so beautiful on so many people with fair to light skin tones. This instantly adds such a beautiful, alleviating glow to your cheeks that literally looks like a tube light just lit on your face. It even glows in dark as in not completely dark but a tiny bit of light is more than enough to make you glow in the dark.

Live Demo

I did a live demo on Snapchat and would do again if you guys are interested. The demo is also available on Instagram so here is my snapchat and insta username for you to follow me for more swatches and reviews.

Snapchat: enumrana

Instagram: enumrana


Becca Champagne Glow Palette

Becca Champagne Glow Palette

Becca Champagne Glow Palette

By : Natural Health News

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