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Clinique High Impact™ Mascara

Brand Name: CLINIQUE

Shade: Black

Purpose: To kick up the volume and length of lashes without clumping

Priced at: $16 excluding taxes

Overall Rating: 5/5

Packaging Highlights

  •     Traditional mascara packaging
  •     Nothing too unique besides the beautiful metallic grey color of the tube
  •     Perfectly shaped wand with a slightly chubby applicator


  •     Very fine quality formula of the mascara cream
  •     Doesn’t clump
  •     Separates each and every lash
  •     Instantly plumps up the volume and adds a nice amount of length to the lashes
  •     Doesn’t make eyelashes too dry or stiff
  •     Easy to apply because of the non-clumpy formula
  •     Easily buildable
  •     Very nice, natural looking deep black mascara that is not too overly dramatic or fake
  •     Ophthalmologist tested

What I don’t like about CLINIQUE HIGH IMPACT™ MASCARA?

I absolutely love this mascara and is one of the very few mascaras that I actually like.

My thoughts

I have so  many mascaras as explained in so many of my previous mascara posts that I shouldn’t even get any more mascaras for another 2 years if the ones that I have don’t dry up. This one I received as a sample and wasn’t too excited about it because I wanted something else in place of this from the samples, of course. When I received it and used, I was amazed at the amazing results that it gave. It is one of the best; easy to work with formula along with a nice wand applicator that doesn’t let your eyelashes clump. I highly recommend everyone to get their hands on it.
It truly is high impact mascara as the name says!

A Small Tip

Always wiggle your mascara back and forth to get each eyelash nicely separated and coated with your favorite mascara.

What is it made of?


Clinique High Impact™ Mascara

Clinique High Impact™ Mascara

By : Natural Health News

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