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External Compression Headaches Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Are External Compression Headaches?

Also known as “swim-goggle headache” or “football-helmet headache”, External compression headaches is a headache resulting from continued stimulation of cutaneous nerves by the application of pressure, for example by a band around the head, a tight hat or goggles worn to protect the eyes during swimming

They’re most often experienced by athletes who use helmets, eye protection or both for sport.

Causes Of External Compression Headaches:

External compression headaches are caused by any type of headwear that places pressure on the head — including tight hats, helmets, headbands and goggles.

Symptoms Of External Compression Headaches:

The only symptom of external compression headaches are the pain associated with it.

The pain of external compression headaches is often described as moderate, constant pressure. It hurts most in the area where the object is pressing on your head.

As long as the headwear is in place, the pain may get progressively worse.

Diagnosis Of External Compression Headaches:

Diagnosis of external compression headaches are dependent upon the medical history.

One who fits the following criteria is dubbed to be affected by external compression headaches:

  • Headache with all of the following characteristics:
    • non-pulsating
    • increasing over minutes
    • no accompanying symptoms
  • Continuing application of external pressure to the forehead or scalp
  • Headache develops during and is maximal at the site of pressure
  • Headache resolves after pressure is relieved

Treatment Of External Compression Headaches:

The only way of treating external compression headaches are to remove the headwear that is causing the pressure.

Further treatment is rarely needed and doing the above mentioned action usually relieves one from pain.

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