Want To Stay Energetic And Active From 9 To 5? Read This.

Those who work in an office from 9 to 5 would be instantly attracted to this post and must have already started reading this by now. Most people including myself face lethargy, lack of energy, lack of willingness to complete tasks and desire to sleep peacefully somewhere cozy on some days. Funnily, most people face this almost every single day which is just a little too much and might cause you to lose your job eventually. Here are some of the ways which I have personally tried and which you can try as well, to stay active during your working day.

  •     Get up and take a round every half an hour or whenever you get some free time
  •     Make a short call to your best friend and discuss something interesting
  •     Have green tea frequently instead of having black tea
  •     Do not compromise on your lunch break
  •     Go out with your colleagues or pick up a friend nearby to have good lunch or coffee somewhere nice where you can manage within the one hour break
  •     Start incorporating an early morning exercise routine to your daily routine otherwise
  •     Workout before coming to office
  •     Eat fruits during lunch or as a snack around 3 pm because they delivery healthy carbs and keep you active
  •     This one is very important which a lot of us ignore. Wear comfortable clothes, shoes and makeup to work
  •     Instead of calling or emailing your co-workers, get up and take a walk to reach them
  •     Instead of responding to emails from your laptop opt for responding via your smartphone while taking a walk
  •     Drink plenty of water during the day as we all know hydration keep you active

These are some of the tips I personally tried and they worked for me. I encourage you all to try these and also send me few tips that can help me in some way.
Have a good day!

By : Natural Health News

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