Course Of Action For Exercise During Pregnancy

This technically is a continued section of guidelines during pregnancy but we did not want so many to fit into one post to exhaust you therefore, we decided to incorporate more in here.

These are also some of the rules and techniques you need to keep in mind while exercising during pregnancy:

  •     Make sure all movements are slow and gentle
  •     When you are rising from the floor, you should be careful to avoid an abrupt drop in blood pressure and to continue some form of activity involving the legs for a brief period
  •     All exercise sessions should be followed by a brief cool-down period of gradually declining activity that includes gentle stationary stretching
  •     All sports where there is a chance of falling should be strictly avoided
  •     If you run, walk or cycle terrain (it is strictly advised to avoid all these though) outdoors, avoid uneven or rocky terrain
  •     Maintain an adequate diet
  •     Pregnancy requires an additional of 300 calories per day so make sure you fulfill these calorie requirements of your body and don’t starve

Exercise During Pregnancy

  •     If weight gain is not sufficient, it is a good idea to reduce the time of strenuousness of the regimen
  •     If you don’t have the time or desire to start on a regular workout schedule, try adding a little more physical activity to your day such as housework, gardening, walking and playing with your children
  •     Periods of activity lasting at least 10 minutes several times a day can provide really good health benefits to pregnant momies
  •     Pregnancy loosens your joints in preparation for giving birth that is the reason why all the connective tissue in the body becomes more lax than normal and you may become more flexible but also more prone to sprains and strains. In order to avoid these make sure that you warm up well before starting your exercise
  •     If you are used to lifting weights then it is advised that you increase the repetitions instead if weights. Cut down the weight and increase the repetitions but to a comfortable level

Exercise During Pregnancy

So these are some important guidelines that you need to follow carefully to avoid any mishap. We hope you have a great pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby without complications. All the best!


By : Natural Health News


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