Things To Remember For Exercise During Pregnancy – The Don’ts!

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind and totally avoid when you are planning to exercise during pregnancy. We have compiled a list of don’ts during pregnancy here:

  •  – Do not perform any activity or exercise above pre-pregnancy levels
  •  – Do not focus on great achievements and exercise in moderation
  •  – Avoid competitive sports
  •  – Do not take up a new, strenuous sport or try to increase your level of aerobic endurance
  •  – Never exercise to the point of exhaustion or breathlessness because this is a sign that your body and your baby cannot get the oxygen supply they need

Exercise During Pregnancy

  •  – Avoid an anaerobic or breathless pace during exercise
  •  – Immediately stop when you feel exhausted or you have difficulty in conversing during your session
  •  – Do not exceed your temperature above 100.4F while exercising
  •  – Do not exercise at all during an illness with fever
  •  – Stretches should not be taken to the maximum resistance because the joints are already loosened by the action of a pregnancy hormone called relaxin
  •  – Too much stressing can be actually harmful
  •  – Choose exercises that do not require great balance because coordination and center of gravity are changed
  •  – Avoid exercises that require jumping, jarring motions or rapid changes
  •  – Avoid exercises with risk of even mild abdominal trauma and all contact sports
  •  – Do not try to lose weight during pregnancy
  •  – Avoid prolonged valsalva maneouvres which is forced exhalation in simpler words against closed mouth and nostrils while holding your breath and this normally happens during lifting heavy weights
  •  – Avoid lifting heavy weights because as mentioned above it can lead to increase in blood pressure and can interfere with the blood flow to the heart

Exercise During Pregnancy

  •  – Avoid prolonged periods of motionless standing because this position has not only been associated with decreased cardiac output , it is held by some authorities to be directly responsible for pregnancy piles and varicose veins
  •  – Avoid deep flexion and extension of joints to avoid injury
  •  – Never hold your breath while lifting weights or grunt to help you lift more. Just increase the repetitions instead of increasing weights
    That’s all!

By : Natural Health News

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