Chancroid Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


What Is Chancroid?

It is a sexually transmitted infection sourced by the bacteria named Haemophilus ducreyi.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chancroid?

The infection starts with a tiny bump that develops in genitals. Soon it turns into an ulcer which:

  • Is soft.
  • Is painful.
  • Ranges in size.
  • Has defined borders.
  • Bleeds easily.
  • Has a base covered with a gray colored material.

Nearly fifty percent of males with chancroid develop a single ulcer, whereas females develop more than three ulcers in usual instances. These ulcers emerge in certain locations.
For example in men, common locations are:

  • Scrotum.
  • Opening, head, shaft of the penis.
  • Foreskin.

In women, common location is:

  • Labia majora. (Outer lips of vagina).
  • Labia minora (inner lips of vagina).
  • Between the anus and genitals.
  • Inner thighs.

Women with chancroid may feel pain while intercourse and urination. In addition to this, ulcer associated with chancroid may seem similar to the sore of chancre.

Another common symptom of chancroid is enlarged inguinal lymph nodes. Say fifty percent of the patients develop the symptom. The nodes invite draining abscesses as they get through the skin.

When Is The Right Time To Seek Medical Assistance?

Do not delay to take an appointment with your doctor in case:

  • You have performed sexual activities with a person who is infected with chancroid or has other sexually transmitted disease.
  • You have been recently involved in unsafe sexual activities.
  • You have developed the signs of chancroid.

What Causes Chancroid?

As mentioned earlier, it is a sexually transmitted infection that is triggered by bacteria.

How Is Chancroid Diagnosed?

The doctor can diagnose chancroid based on the following:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the ulcer/ulcers.
  • Examining the swollen lymph nodes.

For this sexually transmitted infection, there are no blood tests.

How Is Chancroid Treated?

In order to treat chancroid, the doctor can prescribe a course of antibiotics. Furthermore, the doctor will suggest either of the following procedure to drain swelling of the lymph node:

  • Local surgery.
  • Needle insertion.

What Is The Prognosis Of Chancroid?

This, sexually transmitted infection can improve on its own. However few individuals will have to bear painful ulcers and their draining for months. Often, with slight scarring, antibiotics can help clarify lesions rapidly. In individuals with HIV, the infection can take more time to heal.

How Is Chancroid Preventable?

Well, yes, to a greater extent. As chancroid is a sexually transmitted infection, simply by avoiding sexual activities with an infected person, one can not only prevent chancroid, but all forms of sexually transmitted disease.

Moreover, performing safe sex can also minimize the risk. Thus follow these suggestions:

  • Use latex condoms.
  • Avoid having multiple sexual partners.
  • Avoid performing sexual intercourse with partners whose medical history in not known to you.

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