Bay Leaves

What is Bay Leaves Herb?

There are many Herb Plants one of them is bay leaves but the true bay leaves know as laurus nobilis and this is nutrient rich. Many other herb plants have same appearance and aroma like bay leaves but not have a nutrient. These Healing Herbs is a small tree which is native to the Mediterranean region. Bay leaves have been part of culinary and medicinal culture for many years. Bay leaves were highly prized by the Romans and Greeks who said that the herb plants symbolize protection, peace and wisdom. It contains many different and important plant derived minerals, vitamins and chemical compounds which are essential for the optimum health. By leave not only have medical properties but it is also used for cooking purpose. The freshly dried bay leaves consist of warm aroma which is infused in cooking. The bay leaves crushed before suing it and its leaves is also used for flavoring stews and dishes which need a very long time for soups and cook. Therefore it is removed from the dish before serve. Bay Leaves are dry, short stemmed and leathery. They have a bitter and strong odor. Bay leaves have Essential oils and compound which is called eucalyptol. Bay leaves are mostly use all over the world. It is mostly used in soups stews, meat and poultry.

Benefits of Bay Leaves

Some of the most helpful benefits of bay leaves which include ability to detoxify the body, and bacterial infections Following are some benefits of bay leaves are given below.

  • Bay leaves also reduce inflammation form the body. It contains a unique phytonutrient which is called parthenloide which reduce irritation and inflammation.
  • Bay leaves are also good for heart health. Rutin and caffeic acid are the both important organic compound which are found in bay leave which greatly boost heart health. Caffeic acid help to eliminate bad cholesterol from the cardiovascular system and rutin strengthens capillary walls in heart.
  • Bay leaves are also benefit for your hair follicles and also eliminate dandruff. steep bay leaves in water and rub them on your scalp after shampooing,
  • The combination of organic compounds and  antioxidants in bay leaves which include catechins , linalool , phytonutrients and parthenolide  which help to protect you from the effect of radicals. These free radicals can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells and which bay leaves are adopted preventing.
  • Bay leaves can also be helpful to calm down if your are in stress and anxiety.
  • Bay leaves can also prove benefit for the patient of diabetes because bay leaves are directly connected with insulin receptor function and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Bay leaves are used for to treat digestive disorders and they reduce flatulence.
  • Bay leaves infusion promotes sweating, flu, and symptoms of breaking fever.
  • Bay leave essential oil is massaged on sprained areas and also for relieving headaches. Its oil also gives benefits to arthritic pain and rheumatic.
  • Place a cloth in water in which bay leaves are boiled and it provide relief from chest infections, cold, cough and bronchitis.

By : Natural Health News

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