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Flatulence Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is Flatulence?

Also known as passing wind, the condition, flatulence tends to occur because of gas in our bowel. Generally, our intestines make approximately 600-1800mls of gas, which our anus releases out of our body at regular intervals. Moreover, the gas consists of certain gases including nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane. In addition to this, different odor of the flatus depends upon the ratio of gases whilst what specific food we consume.

Generally, the gas is produce due to certain reasons such as swallowed air, consuming fiber enriched foods and digestion etc. Several disorders of the digestive system can too cause excess flatus, say irritable bowel syndrome!

What are the symptoms of flatulence?

Passing flatus is entirely normal though its amount tends to vary between persons and on certain factors such as the diet you consume. Some may pass wind for 5-6 times a day, whereas others may excess forty times. Average times to pass gas a day is around 13-14 times.

Few common signs of excessive flatulence are:

  • Abdominal distension.
  • Abdominal discomfort.
  • Stinking gas.
  • More frequent gas passing.
  • Loud gas.

What causes flatulence?

While we eat food or drink water, we tend to swallow little amounts of air that may later cause flatulence. Moreover, few other causes that may also contribute in causing excessive flatulence include normal process of digestion, intolerance lactose, intestinal bacteria, foods enriched with fiber.

Discuss the ways you can avoid excessive flatulence?

Certain modification in our lifestyle plus diet can greatly help prevent or control excessive flatulence. Have a look what you can do:

  • Remember, first of all, you must regularly exercise for at least 30 minutes a day!
  • You must always drink and eat slowly. It is very necessary to properly chew the solid form of food before you swallow.
  • Try taking smaller meals. Also, make sure you take your meals regularly on time.
  • Certain foods enriched with fiber are best known to trigger flatulence. Thus avoid, or take them in small quantity.

In case left untreated, what possible complications flatulence can lead?

If flatulence is caused as a result of digestive issue or intolerance of food, leaving it untreated can be like inviting other symptoms to occur. Moreover, an individual experiencing prolong or excessive flatulence can lead few other issues such as depression or say an eating disorder, all in all, greatly affecting the life as a whole.

How is flatulence diagnosed?

You may not need to visit a doctor for diagnosing flatulence unless you experience some additional symptoms. You are the one who can diagnose your condition depending upon the duration and occurrence of passing wind in a day.

How is flatulence treated?

In order to treat flatulence, above mentioned preventions can greatly help. However, the medical treatment options for flatulence include OTC remedies such as charcoal tablets which are known for absorbing gas in the digestive system.

Moreover, some dietary supplements including Alpha-galatosidase and probiotic can help minimizing your symptoms.


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