What is Arnica Herb?

Arnica is a healing herb which grows mainly in Siberia and central Europe. The flower of this plant is used for medicine. Arnica herb plant is a woodland plant in the same like sunflower. Its yellow flowers collect in at the end of the summer and dried for medicinal use. There are many medically healing herbs in all over the world  arnica flowers is also one of them which is found around the world and some are found in North American mountain ranges and woodlands. For effective results of arnica herb plant they should be harvested early in blooming season. Dried flowers are fibrous and fluffy and it can be irritating nose if handled improperly. Arnica is also effective for the treatment of osteoarthritis of knee. The study found that arnica is a safe and effective treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee.

Benefits of Arnica

Following are some benefits of arnica herb plant which give you different benefits

  • Arnica is also good to treat heal bruises faster. Blows, falls and other traumas which can cause blood vessels to break under your skin and spill blood.
  • Arnica is the natural pain reliever which does not make the pain and it stimulates your body’s healing process. It is especially for pain that derives from trauma or inflammation.
  • It can reduce pain and swelling from bruises, overertion.
  • It can be used for sore mouth and throat lain.
  • It can be applied on skin for swelling a pain associated with bruises, sprains and aches. It can also use on skin for acne, insects bites and chapped lips.
  • Arnica is also used in food as a flavor ingredient in beverages like puddings desserts, gelatins, baked goods and candy.
  • In manufacturing America is used in hair tonics and the oils is also used for perfumes and cosmetics.
  • It is also good or control dandruff and hair growth.
  • It is very common ingredient which is used in may hair oils and gel for reduce hair fall and also improve blood circulation which could be prove beneficial for you. Mix some drops in coconut oil and massage into the scalp.
  • It control reducing puffiness and clearing dark circles which is under the eyes.
  • Massage oil which contain arnica and other necessary oils like winter green can reduce rheumatic pain.
  • It reduce the pain and swelling in the joints.

By : Natural Health News

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