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Anosmia Home Remedies and Best Natural Treatments

Anosmia is when your sense of smell disappears (this is a medical term). The most frequent causes of anosmia are head injuries and nasal conditions, however some people are born without the ability to smell (this is a condition which is known as congenital anosmia). Losing your ability to smell might cause loneliness and melancholy. You are unable to detect the fragrance of a loved one, perfume, or new flowers. The underlying problem must be identified by your doctor in order to treat this illness. People who have congenital anosmia are unable to smell and have no understanding of what the word “smell” means. Due to a defective gene or a genetic disease, many people worldwide are born without the ability to smell. Anosmia can have a variety of causes, including hay fever, some medications, diabetes, an upper respiratory virus, using recreational drugs, chronic sinusitis, having an underactive thyroid, abusing alcohol for an extended period of time, etc. [1] We cannot promise that using the above home remedies will help your condition, therefore you should consult a doctor instead. Here are some of the top home remedies for anosmia that can help you:

Anosmia Home Remedies and Natural Treatment


Because it has antiviral and antibacterial qualities, this home treatment for anosmia works well. These characteristics enable it to clear nasal congestion. This then clears the obstructions, easing the anosmia. It contains anti-inflammatory elements that prevent swelling in the olfactory neurons, causing the route to open up and prevent blockage. You must gnash around four garlic leaves before adding them to a glass of boiling water. Drink the concoction while it’s still hot after adding a pinch of salt.

Hot Steam:

Hot steam works perfectly to relieve congestion in the nose cavity. As a result, it ranks as one of the best therapies for anosmia. A large amount of water must be brought to a boil in a pan, placed on a table, and then you must sit in a chair with the steaming pan directly in front of you. Cover your head with a towel to keep the steam from escaping and to concentrate it. Continue to breathe in the steam until the water stops steaming. Then spend a few minutes with your face lowered over the pan. The nose can be effectively unblocked using this home treatment for anosmia.

Lemon Juice:

Antioxidants are an effective treatment for anosmia. Lemons, which are high in vitamin C, have this. This medication is beneficial because it strengthens the body’s defences, improving its capacity to fend against illnesses and infections. In order to use this remedy, squeeze the desired lemon into a prepared glass of warm water. Stir in the honey before adding the mixture to the warm water. This home remedy for anosmia should be used twice or three times per day. The traffic jam will be gone in no time.

Castor Oil:

This anosmia home cure is a safe alternative to conventional medications and is both natural and effective. It is particularly successful in treating your anosmia problem because of three essential characteristics. These include anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antioxidant properties. These characteristics stop the development of nasal polyps, which can restrict the nasal cavity. Make sure to put a drop of warmed castor oil in your nostril before leaving. Immediately after waking up, repeat the same. Regularly practise this, and you’ll be healed quickly.

Carom Seed:

This medication has strong cleansing capabilities and also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics. These work well to eliminate infections, unclog nasal passageways, and reduce swelling. This action causes the nose cavity to open up, which makes it a particularly effective drug. The dosage for this treatment calls for one teaspoonful to be placed in the middle of a little piece of cloth. This should then be tied to create a sachet-like object. Next, heat a griddle to a moderate temperature before placing the sachet on it. Allow it to heat up, then, once it is hot enough, bring it close to your nostril and inhale deeply. Before going to bed, repeat this home treatment for anosmia several times till relief is felt.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Zinc is a mineral that is abundant in pumpkin seeds and is important for treating anosmia. This is due to the fact that they aid in eradicating dietary zinc deficiencies, which are a common cause of the anosmia illness. Consuming these home remedies for anosmia regularly aids in preventing the aforementioned illness.

Sweet Potatoes:

Since they are high in vitamin A, eating a lot of them will encourage the body to create defences against the negative effects of anosmia, hence triggering defences against it. What you must do is boil the potatoes in medium-level water before eating them. For better results, use this home treatment for anosmia with pre-made jaggery syrup.

Ginger Syrup:

Ginger has medicinal benefits that make it useful for treating coughs and colds. The inflammatory qualities are to blame for this. These characteristics are important in battling the microorganisms that typically cause this illness. This home cure for anosmia can be made by cutting the ginger and cardamom, adding them to a glass of water, adding sugar, and boiling the combination before drinking the resulting syrup.


Numerous vitamins and zinc oxide, which are essential for curing anosmia, are present in this drug. You should mix it with a cup of warm water, some sugar, and then drink it to do this using the anti-oxidant characteristics it possesses.

Yoga and Deep Breath:

This home remedy for anosmia uses a calming method to treat this kind of illness. It does this by calming the mind, which causes the body as a whole to relax and release tension in the nose cavity, reducing the likelihood of blockages, and treating anosmia. You should spend about an hour easing out while being relaxed and breathing deeply.

Habit Change:

Because smoking aggravates the illness and hinders treatment, it is also possible to efficiently treat this condition by abandoning certain habits like smoking. Therefore, quitting smoking totally is essential if you want to recover from anosmia.

Cure the Cold:

It is useful in situations of anosmia that are exacerbated by a cold to concentrate on curing the cold. This will make treating the anosmia condition simple. It is advised that you take a warm bath to treat your cold and exercise to clear your airways. Additionally, this helps to open up the nose pathways.

Vitamin Supplement:

If you concentrate on taking vitamin supplements in other situations, it is pertinent. Consuming foods high in vitamin E will help you achieve this. This is because vitamin E, a home cure for anosmia, aids in the recovery of upper respiratory illnesses that are connected to the condition.


Additionally, coriander has characteristics with other herbal treatments that can help you treat anosmia successfully. Take three tablespoons of this remedy after two days to achieve this. To improve the treatment’s outcome and reduce the likelihood of problems, you should only perform this procedure once after this time.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

When used properly, this has substantial effects. To prepare for this treatment, you should take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, mix it with a quarter spoon of baking powder, and then add a half glass of water to the mixture. You are supposed to consume the combination once it has solidified because it works well as a treatment to treat the aforementioned ailment. For better results and a quicker healing process, you should perform the same anosmia home treatment twice daily. However, you should pay attention to the combination of these ingredients to avoid instances of uncertainty.

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