6 Yoga Poses That Improve Your Posture

In order to keep yourself active and full of energy at work you need to keep a check on various things amongst those your sitting posture is the one that plays a key role in preventing fatigue. Sitting in the right posture is very important to prevent back pain and the overall fatigue associated with it.

Read this article here to find out the connection between yoga and the right posture.

You can incorporate simple steps in your daily Yoga routine to fix your posture. Check out these 6 key poses that are quick, on edge and very helpful.

1.    Mountain Pose – (Tadasana)

This is one of the most dynamic postures out of all the 6.

How you do this?

  •     Stand tall
  •     Feel your feet on the ground
  •     Open your midsection with arms at your sides
  •     Marginally tuck your tailbone
  •     Captivate your thighs
  •     Move your shoulders back and down to bring down your shoulder bones
  •     Bring your button back so your ears are over your shoulders
  •     It’s all in the button and you need to adjust your body from feet to head

That’s it!










2.    Standing Forward Bend –  (Uttanasana)

This is the best pose for lengthening spine.

How you do this?

  •     Grab your elbows with your opposite hands
  •     Breathe while holding your elbows
  •     Release your arms
  •     Open your chest and try looking up
  •     Flatten your back and inhale
  •     Release on exhale and fold again

That’s it!










3.    Cobra Pose – (Bhujangasana)

This is great for strengthening back and opening chest.

How you do this?

  •     Place your hands on mat in front of you on sphinx position
  •     Slowly straighten your arms like a cobra
  •     Bring your shoulders away from ears
  •     Keep your pelvis and toes on mat

That’s it!










4.    Child’s Pose – (Balasana)

It is known as resting pose.

How you do this?

  •     Sit back on your heels and grasp your arms out in front of you or transport them together with the body in the direction of your feet into a tiny little yoga ball

That’s it!










5.    Hero Pose – (Virasana)

This is the seated pose.

How you do this?

  •     Sit on your heels
  •     Sit straight with pinnacle of your head in the direction of the sky

That’s it!

Warning – Don’t do it if you have knee issues. Get a chair instead or use a pillow for cushioning.










6. Locust Pose – (Salabhasana)

This is also great for back strengthening.

How you do this?

  •     Open your chest elating your arms and legs off the mat while your pelvis is still on the mat
  •     You can lift just your chest and goal your arms in the direction of your feet
  •     A more progressive yoga pose would be to go into crossbow pose, but ensue with restraint until you’re actually ready for it

That’s it!










By : Natural Health News

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