Add Weights To Your Yoga Routine To Build Muscle Mass

A lot of people totally ignore the importance of muscle mass and why building muscle mass is so important. We, at Natural Health News, cannot emphasize enough on the importance of building muscle mass because it comes with so many benefits altogether. It plays a key role in weight management, overall mental health, better blood-sugar control and so many other significant paybacks. Here are some of the highlights of benefits associated with building muscle mass:

–    Muscle mass provides strength to connective tissues responsible for increasing bone density
–    Increasing muscle mass decreases the risk of getting osteoporosis later in life because you are reducing the risk of bone injury
–    Increasing muscle mass increases your resting metabolic rate because one pound of muscle alone consumes 6 calories in one particular day so without putting any effort your calories are being eaten up
–    Increasing muscle mass helps control blood sugar, sleep and overall mental health of an individual
Once you are done with the weight lifting to build muscles your calories burn at twice the rate than they would have burned otherwise with an exercise or yoga without weights

Solid muscle mass not just looks appealing but it also comes with all these health benefits. One can save themselves from issues like joint inflammation, back torment and your overall balance. With an already tough routine of a 9 to 5 job, family responsibilities, personal routines, yoga (if you are doing it already) or any other exercise you might find it so difficult to find time and most of all the energy to get into weight training exercises. This might sound a whole lot of hassle to so many of you out there but what if we tell you there is something that can actually help you attain better overall health, well-being and along with these you can easily build muscle mass too.

This is fairly possible with Yoga!

A lot of you might already be doing it to keep yourself free of the everyday stresses and to achieve a state of calmness but you might not be aware of this very important benefit it brings along. All you need to do is add weight to your yoga routine. Those who are not into yoga need not to worry because it’s never too late to start something new. Yoga comes with so many health benefits so why not incorporate it in your routine and by adding some weight get the most out of this useful workout. Going to gym for muscle building can definitely be an option but you might not be able to enjoy other health benefits and the flexibility that comes with yoga so, by going to gym or following your routine muscle building workout plan might build strength but not flexibility. Read here to find out how yoga helps achieve flexibility.

So, without thinking further get into a proper yoga routine by adding some weights to build muscle mass and enjoy a hale and hearty life ahead.

By : Natural Health News


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