1000 Calorie Diet Plan

1000 calorie diet plan is not ideal for everyone. It has been designed specifically keeping in mind women with small frames who don’t get into a lot of activities and are mostly living a sedentary lifestyle. It is generally not advised that you cut you calories to such low levels but if you are really petite and are mostly resting then you can follow a 1000 calorie diet plan.

If you plan on following such a restricted diet plan it is very important that you make sure your nutritional balance is always maintained and you don’t deprive yourself of essential vitamins and nutrient along your journey of weight loss on such restricted 1000 calorie diet plan.

While you are following such restricted diet plan you should make sure that you drink plenty of water and do not prolong this plan for a really long time. You can follow this for let’s say, a month and then go back to eating normal but do not make it your habit and don’t continue it for longer periods. If you don’t stop and keep following this plan for months and months you will get weak and unhealthy. That is not what you call a healthy weight loss. You won’t be admired and most people lose weight to attract attention, which would not happen if you forget that having a figure and healthy face is super important to look attractive. You should vary your daily calorie intake so that your body doesn’t get used to one particular regimen because when you keep on following one plan for months there comes a time when your body hits a plateau and it gets almost impossible to lose weight at that point.

That said, managed properly, such a diet can aid with weight loss goals a lot faster than other diet plans and exercising regimens but once again don’t make it your habit. Just make sure that your caloric intake varies considerably on day to day basis and you don’t rely on one particular food, brand or plan for more than 2 to 3 months.

In order to make this 1000 calorie diet plan work, stay patient when you get by severe hunger attacks. Just stay patient, eat healthy and try to incorporate 30 minute walk in your routine.

By : Natural Health News

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