Yoga Poses For Hip, Knee, Shoulder & Elbow Pain

Yoga helps relieve joint pains when practiced regularly. Read this article here to find out how.

Here are some of the yoga poses that are ideal for relieving pain in various parts of your body such as knees, hips, shoulders or elbows. Here we have listed some of the poses along with a demonstration of how they are done.

1. Yoga Pose for Knee Pain

What is it called?
It’s called “Supported Warrior”
How is it done?

  •  Stand tall
  •  Place hands against a wall at shoulder height
  •  Step right foot forward so toes touch the wall
  •  Bend elbows in a manner as if you’re trying to push the wall away
  •  Step left foot about 1 to 3 feet behind you
  •  Slightly bend left knee toward floor
  •  Hold this for 10 to 15 breaths
  •  Slowly straighten left leg while bending right knee
  •  Ensure knee does not extend past ankle
  •  Hold again for 10 to 15 breaths before stepping left foot forward to meet right and switching leg positions

& you are done!

Supported Warrior









2. Yoga Pose for Hip Pain

What is it called?
It’s called“Butterfly Pose
How is it done?

  •  Sit on blanket on clean floor
  •  Bring soles of your feet together
  •  Spread your knees wide so legs form a diamond
  •  Keep entire back straight and shoulders relaxed as you breathe
  •  Gently drop weight of legs
  •  Slowly allow knees to lower towards the floor
  •  Place blocks or pillows beneath outer knees for support

& you are done!

Butterfly Pose









 3. Yoga Pose for Shoulder Pain

 What is it called?

It’s called“Standing Yoga Mudra
How is it done?

  •  Stand tall, feet hip-width apart
  •  Hold strap in one hand
  •  Sweep both arms behind back and pull shoulders in to clench strap with both hands in a comfortable position
  •  Walk hands toward each other
  •  Create an opening in chest as shoulder blades move toward one another
  •  Breathe as you adjust shoulders, easing or increasing tension

& you are done!

Standing Yoga Mudra









4. Yoga Pose for Elbow &Shoulder Pain

What is it called?
It’s called“Wall Plank
How is it done?

  •  Stand facing wall with feet hip-width apart
  •  Place palms against wall
  •  Extend your arms
  •  Slowly lean forward
  •  Let your body rest on hands
  •  Keep arms and body in a straight line when you slowly bend elbows
  •  When nose touches the wall or in case of any discomfort slowly push back to standing posture

& you are done!

Wall Plank









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