White Horehound

What is White Horehound?

White horehound is the colloquial name for a small perennial flowering plant with the scientific name Marrubium vulgare. It belongs to the same family as mint and also looks a lot like it. It is also thought to have many of the same benefits as other plants belonging to the mint family. Though it is native to Europe and parts of Asia, its excellent medicinal and culinary properties have made it available throughout the world.

Benefits of White Horehound

  •     It can reduce the proliferation of colon cancer. This is thought to happen because of the anti-oxidant activity of this plant that prevents free radicals from causing damage to cells. Damaged cells are more prone to mutating and turning into cancer cells therefore free radical damage prevention is very important in the fight against cancer
  •     It provides symptomatic relief from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, sore throats, and coughing. It also reduces constriction of blood vessel by lowering inflammation in them. This has the effect of lowering blood pressure and improving heart health
  •     Its regular consumption balances cholesterol levels by lowering bad cholesterol. This reduces the chances of plaque building up inside blood vessels and thus prevents serious conditions such as heart attacks and strokes
  •     It modulates blood sugar levels by controlling large influxes of glucose. By regulating the amount of glucose that reaches the blood, it is able to prevent sugar surges and crashes that can make diabetics go into diabetic shock. It is therefore a very useful herb for patients suffering from diabetes
  •     It promotes sweating which becomes a medium for the body to get rid of toxins, excess water, salts, and fats
  •     It is an antispasmodic meaning that it can soothe the nervous system to prevent spasm related conditions such as seizures, cramps, and muscle twitches. This is in fact one of its oldest known uses
  •     It reduces mood swings and the pain of intense cramps that accompany menstruation

By : Natural Health News


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