What Are The Symptoms Of Vitamin A Defeciency?

What Are The Symptoms Of Vitamin A Deficiency?

What are some of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency? How would you know that you are deficient in vitamin A?

These are the questions we will answer here for you 

It is very important to get the lab reports on vitamin deficiencies. It is advised that you don’t do self-diagnosis at home and start taking any vitamin supplement just because someone else is taking it and it is turning out to be useful for them. We are all different human beings and our bodies have been designed differently. Just because something suits one person does not necessarily mean that it would suit the others too. In order to figure out if you are deficient in vitamin A, you need to get the levels checked first and before even doing that you can assess at home as well simply by matching the symptoms listed here.

Disclaimer: If your symptoms match the ones listed here please go to your doctor or get authentic lab reports then start taking vitamin A. Do not instantly start taking the supplement just because the symptoms match to what’s mentioned here.

Some of the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency include:  

  •     Poor vision
  •     Improper bone growth
  •     Unhealthy skin
  •     Damaged mucous membranes
  •     Long-term malabsorption of fats
  •     Alcoholics
  •     Visual impairment
  •     Diarrheal diseases
  •     Early skin ageing
  •     Macular degeneration
  •     Bone related problems
  •     Joint problems
  •     Damaged teeth
  •     Dull, tired, scarred and damaged skin
  •     Excessive formation of blackheads

So, that’s it about the symptoms of vitamin A deficiency. Some people can develop vitamin A toxicity so be careful when you consume it and only consume as much as your body actually requires. There is always a daily dosage mentioned on authentic vitamin A containers but even if it is mentioned you know what to do! You have to get an approval from your physician or through your lab reports after getting the levels checked.

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