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Ways To Avoid Overeating During Your Diet Days

If you are a foodie like me it would be almost impossible for you to just zip your mouth and eat meals in small portions 5 times a day. I mean only a foodie can understand this situation but that doesn’t mean if you are a foodie and you understand it gives us a free ticket to feed our obsession more. There are some ideal choices that we can make to stay on track when losing or even maintaining weight. Here are some of the things that I personally did to avoid overeating when I was on a diet and also when I was maintaining the lost weight.

  1.     Drink water when you are hungry
  2.     Drink water before eating your meal because that makes you feel fuller and you eventually eat less
  3.     Stop mindless eating totally
  4.     Don’t restrict yourself to low fat foods totally because for some that turns out to be a total disaster and they end up ruining their diet (it happened to me)
  5.     Eat your favorite foods be it a candy or a sugar filled cookie but in a very small portion
  6.     Instead of eating one or two heavy meals it is ideal that you have 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day
  7.     Add more protein to every meal
  8.     Add a lot of greens to your meal especially salad leaves because they contain negative calories
  9.     Don’t stop adding flavor to your foods and make them feel like a sick person’s food because that will lose your interest and you will run towards the yummiest foods out there which are, of course, fattening
  10.     Instead of having a glass of fruit juice have whole fruit and chew it properly that will burn some additional calories only
  11.     Instead of having cream pasta have pasta with vegetables and make it spicy
  12.     Don’t eat to kill your hunger completely. Always leave some space behind!

These are some of the diet tips that worked personally for me and should ideally work for you too. Don’t forget to share your weight loss experiences with us!



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