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The Nutritional Benefits Of Quinoa


The dictionary meaning of Quinoa is a plant from the goose foot family in the Andes. It is said to be a pseudo cereal like wheat, oat and others. It is a super food a lot of nutritional benefits. People are still unaware of the benefits of it. There are extremely unique and significant advantages of having a diet that contains Quinoa. People living in the west are now getting acknowledged with Quinoa.

The articles discusses some of the foremost benefits of this food which everyone should be aware of. Also the article describes how to use it as a balanced diet.

Quinoa – An Anti-Oxidant:

Quinoa is a rich anti-oxidant. It contains kaempferol, phytonutrients and quercetin. In addition, the plant is anti- inflammatory in nature which helps promote tissue growth and also helps repair the damaged tissues of the body. It helps your body fight against the diseases and infection.

Quinoa – The Richest In Protein And Calcium:

Quinoa is the richest of all the seeds in protein and calcium. It has an excessive amount of carbohydrates each time it is served. It has isoleucine and lysine through which it is capable enough to serve as the best protein source used is complete in diet. All nine amino acids are there in this food thus making it protein rich.

Quinoa is a grain which has a large amount of calcium in it as compared to the other grains. It serves as a balanced diet alone whereas other grains cannot be considered as balanced as Quinoa.

Quinoa – The Highest In Fiber:

Fiber is a nutrient which helps you regulate your blood pressure and sugar level. It helps in relieving constipation thus preventing your digestive system from different diseases. The ration of fiber in Quinoa is almost twice as compared to that in the other grains. It contains the highest amount of fiber in all. It is also believed that the diets which are enriched with high amount of fiber serve as cholesterol controllers. This means that you can easily maintain your weight and even can get rid of obesity. The risks of heart diseases are also lowered when Quinoa is used in great extent. Quinoa has a glycemic index which is low as compared to the other grains. It is the best choice for people who want a diet rich in carbohydrates in order to stable the amount of blood sugar in them.

Quinoa – The Source Of Reduction Of Heart Disease And Diabetes:

Quinoa’s benefits have been introduced to the people lately in this century therefore not many researches are conducted on the usage of Quinoa helping in lowering the risk of heart diseases and the prevention of diabetes. However, the use of Quinoa still results in the prevention and sometimes the cure of cardiovascular diseases.

Quinoa can be used in a lot of recepies such as salads, side dishes and soups. It is sometimes found in the power form. It is said to be the world’s best and healthiest food ever.

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