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Stop High Speed Kill Chicken Birds Being Boiled Alive

Most Americans eat meat, but that does not indicate that they want the animals destined for their plates to suffer a painful death. Yet U.S. Department of Agriculture records show that every year, almost a million birds are plunged into boiling water by accident since of small failures within the mostly mechanized slaughter process.

If you are unlucky adequate to be a chicken send to slaughter, there’s a possibility you will be boiled alive in a scalding boiler. Health News, of the National Chicken Council is now creation propose to lift slaughter speed restrictions which will see still more animals bear this gruesome torture. WE MUST SPEAK UP NOW TO STOP THIS!

USDA examiner assigned to the plants say greatly of the cruel treatment they witness is tied to the rapid pace at which employees work, flipping live birds upside down and shackling their legs. If the birds are not accurately secured, they might elude the automated blade and remain alive when they enter the scalder.

Over the past five years, a yearly average of 825,000 chickens and 18,000 turkeys died this way, USDA public reports show, on behalf of less than 1 percent of the entirety processed. Government inspectors allocate to the plants documents these kills, which are simply spotted because the birds’ skin becomes discolored.

Its bad sufficient that all birds are excluded from the “Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.” We cannot permit the National Chicken Council to make even more animals experience this horrific death. Whether you still eat chickens or not, please help us stop the increased suffering!
Birds as well may miss the knife if they are not knocked unconscious accurately. U.S. poultry plants use a lower voltage of electric current than is necessary in the European Union and a conscious bird might thrash and stop the knife, also. For the reason that the bird’s blood is supposed to be drained before the boiling-water dunk, so carcasses boiled though the animal is still alive have to be thrown away. They are easy to spot, because they are bright red.

A USDA proposal to cut down on pathogens and ramp up line speeds can lead to more horrible poultry deaths, experts say. Yes, the changes would be to how lots of birds can go through a line per minute on the “evisceration” end after death, but in order to gut and cut apart more birds, you need to kill more birds in the first place.

“One of the maximum risks for inhumane treatment is line speed. You can’t forever stop the abuse at these speeds,” one poultry-slaughter expert told the Washington Post. Without improving the killing procedure or adding more staff perhaps even both! Additional chickens will have cruel, pointless deaths. Pointless for the reason that these improperly kill birds can’t be eaten.

By : Natural Health News

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