How Can I Increase My Child Confidence Level

The knowledge of being self aware cause’s feeling to come into play which can make one feel insecure. Emotions like insecurity leads to feelings of fear and or loss which have a great effect on one’s confidence level. Self confidence is one of those important things we look at that these days when determining the healthy performance and well-being of a child.

Early in life children naturally understand on an instinctual level how self awareness enhances confidence. As a child develops and they divide their awareness between self and ‘other than self’ the concept of self esteem and low self esteem begins to come into play. The experiences of being self aware cause’s emotions to come into play which can make one feel insecure. Until that takes place there is only stimulus and response. Human beings function more through cause and effect than stimulus – response.

Teaching the Lessons That Last a Lifetime

If you really want to help your child to build up an inner strength that will take them far in life – if you want to do everything you can to assist them build the kind of rock-solid, internal strength that will permit them to live the life they choose, and to not be targeted as easy prey by the bullies, predators, and manipulators of the world, here’s a few things you might want to be doing:

A confident child needs a positive and realistic perception of his or her abilities. This arises out of achievements, great and small. Your encouraging words can help build up this confidence, particularly when you refer to your child’s specific efforts or abilities. If you don’t know where to start, here are the most successful ways to help your children become happy, self-assured, and successful.

Let Your Children Make their Own Choices

When children make their own age suitable choices, they feel more powerful and therefore more confident.

Show Them Their Strengths

When your child succeeds at something reinforce that achievement by pointing out how far he has come by not giving up. When your child fails point out the other achievement he has enjoyed, particularly those that were accomplished after a failure.

Get them Involved in Martial Arts or Other Study

The martial arts, as-well-as other forms of artistic expression and skill growth, offer more than physical activity. They offer a means of learning self-discipline, respect, focus and many other of the important life skills needed for success.

Make Them Earn Things

Ownership of something is never taken as seriously as when we had to work hard to get it. This holds true just as much for children as for adults. This will teach your kid the value of self-reliance and the importance of goal-setting to get what they want.

Help Them Find Their Niche

Encourage your child to build up hobbies and interests which give him pleasure and which he can pursue independently. These can help him build up various skills which may help build confidence as well as provide comfort and distraction in difficult times. Also these may well provide common ground to further social interaction with others.

Stop Controlling and Start Coaching

Coaches help kids develop skills, but kids play the game. Your job as a parent is to support your child so she can flourish and build up. Doing things for her robs her of the chance to become competent. Doing things with her teaches her how and builds confidence. This means we have to manage our own anxiety and let go of our need to control.

Teach your Children Good Manners

It might appear like odd advice, but knowing how to right address a individual, shake hands or even set a table can give your child a kick-start to building self-confidence.

Make You Child Finish What He or She Starts

Far as well lots of parents allow their child to start and quit activities again and again. And then, they complain about all the running around they are doing, or can’t understand why she wants to drop out of school.

For social well-being and healthy social development, a child first must be comfortable with himself before he can be comfortable with others. More than anything else, what can assist children with a low self-esteem is their parents’ attention and time. The feeling of ignore is one of the worst things that can happen to a child. Give them your attention, involve them in a different of activities – academic or otherwise – and make them feel loved; it will do them a world of good.

By : Natural Health News

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