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Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax

Brand: Rica
Flavor: Coconut

(Available in different flavors and 2 quantities 400 ml & 800 ml)

Ideal for:

1. Dry skin types.
2. Sensitive skin types as per my analysis.
3. Professional spa level waxing experience & results at home.
4. Entire body except bikini and face (Brazilian wax is for these areas).

Deserved Rating:

1. Packaging:5/5 – Great! The container is so handy & cute and the lid comes off very easily.
2. Texture: 4.5/5 – Soooo creamy and smooth. Looks lush! Gets sticky when cold 
3. Waxing Ability: 5/5 – Pulls out the tinniest of hair including all ingrown crap too.
4. Ease of use:2.5/5 – Wax gets soooo messy and sticky. Sticks here and there on hands, skin and spatula while applying :SApplication on the skin is fine though.
*Read “Why do I commend it?” section for details on this and how it can be tackled or whether it is even worth it or not?
5. Overall Rating: 4.3/5 – Amazing results worth the hassle in the end!

Do I recommend it?

Yes, but with certain limitations.

Why do I commend it?

I commend it because it’s a great waxing product so far! I have been struggling a lot with hair removing issues and girls you can sooo relate to this I’m sure. Shaving has never been an option for me but recently due to some personal reasons I had to, because you cannot call up your waxing woman every other day when the growth is not even that ideal for the wax to really work. I had no other option but to SHAVE! That sucks big time as the hair grow back much stronger and thicker than they were initially especially when you have struggled a lot in the past by getting regular waxing sessions done to make the growth less effective and the hair thinner.
I had to like REALLY HAD TO find a waxing solution so one day randomly I came across this girl selling this wax online. Some people had posted good reviews too but some also said that their skin came off with this wax so there were mixed reviews but I jumped into it! I had to! I was so desperate! I DO NOT REGRET BUYING IT NOW! It is definitely a mess! Waxing yourself has always been a mess and will always be but this wax is messier than the sugar wax. No problem! That is just not going to demotivate me because the results are soooooooo amazing that I can easily ignore the mess. Initially I was being so annoyed and was deciding in my head that I am never trying this product again and I’ll throw the wax away! But when I saw the results I was like NEVER!!! I will let you all know in a detailed post here that how can you make this waxing experience mess free as I want to concentrate on just the product here.
In short it’s amazing! I cannot stop running my hand over my arms (as they are the most accessible right now) because they feel soooooo soft and smooth. I did not even have an ideal growth for waxing but still it pulled out the tinniest of hair too. That’s the reason why it is different from the regular sugar wax that you make it home. I would still not totally eliminate the waxing woman or spa wax because sometimes one just does not want to go through the hassle on their own on the days when one is super lazy 😀

Why is it a hit?

  •  Pulls out the tinniest of hair.
  •  Makes skin so soft and smooth that you cannot stop touching it.
  •  Does not cause redness or any bumps.
  •  Soft and super creamy texture.
  •  Less painful.
  •  Excellent grip.

Why is it a miss?

  •  It gets soooo sticky and messy.


  •  If you don’t want to go through all the mess of waxing yourself.
  •  If you just can’t stand the tackiness.
  •  If you are not into waxing at all.

Usage Instructions:

Here are the usage instructions mentioned on the Rica page and exactly what I followed:
1. Turn on the wax heater and put the jar or the refill in the proper position.
2. Check that the wax has reached the exact fluidity for application.
3. Clean the area to wax with Cotton Milk Pre-Epil Gel.
4. Apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth.
5. Apply the TNT strip over the wax and press with the hands.
6. Pull off the TNT strip with one firm motion in the direction opposite to that of hair growth. (We recommend keeping the skin taut, motion must be parallel to the area being waxed, never pull back in a vertical direction).
7. Remove any residual wax by applying the after-waxing products. (I use Olive Oil and Johnson’s baby oil)


  •  Do not make the wax so hot because it can burn your skin.
  •  After the pullback, red spots may appear on the client’s skin. This is a normal reaction of the hair bulb.


Coconut Oil, Coconut Fragrance, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Beeswax, Mix of Vegetable oils, Colophony Free, Colouring Free.

Photos for Reference

Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax








Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax










Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax










Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax








Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax


















Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax









Rica Coconut Lipsoluble Wax









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