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Retinoblastoma Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Retinoblastoma?

Retinoblastoma is known as an infrequent eye cancer which affects children. Around 300 children are affected every year. This disorder is us ally seen among the children of 4 years age, plus 80 percent chances of occurrence under 3 years age and nearly no sign of occurrence above 6 years age. However, treatment is available for 99 percent cases.

Retinoblastoma by birth appears in the eye part known as the retina. The retina is defined as a thin nerve tissue layer that lines the back of your eye. Retina gives vision to a person. Immature retina cells (Retinoblasts) divide during maturation to make cells enough to produce the retina.

What Are The Symptoms Of Retinoblastoma?

Physician can recognize retinoblastoma by having routine well-child or well-baby examination. Also, parents observe symptoms like:

  • When light hits, pupil become black or white in place of red.
  • Traversed or crossed eye.
  • Poor or weak vision
  • A red, painful eye
  • An inflamed pupil

What Are The Causes Of Retinoblastoma?

The heritable retinoblastoma form defines that in every 5 to 6 cases, it is occurred due to genetical abnormality. This accounts that the tumor is developed due to abnormal gene. Either, this abnormal gene is inherited or happens for the 1st time at an early development stages in the womb.

Furthermore, he may conduct the below mentioned tests:

  • Ultrasound scan.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.
  • Sample of bone marrow.
  • Lumbar puncture.
  • CBC
  • Bone scan.

How Retinoblastoma Treatment?

The treatment depends on the size, position, and number of the eye tumors. The treatment aim is to discard the cancer initially and then try to keep the eye vision. Several treatments may produce vision changes in the affected eye. Your specialist will tell you regarding the probable risks along with the treatment advantages. Treatment is offered itself to the eye (known as local therapy) when your baby is sleeping and under anesthetic.

The below mentioned treatments are usually followed:

1. Cryotherapy

This treatment is utilized for freezing tumors. Necessarily, above one session is required. These sessions are conducted monthly.

2. Laser therapy

In this therapy, a laser is used to give heat to the tumor. The laser therapy needs several sessions after every three to four weeks.

3. Plaque

In this, there is a stitching of radioactive disc over the outside the eye tumor. It is very important to keep disc in place for about 4 days whereas the radiation abolishes the cancer cells. This technique is conducted for somewhat large tumors, that haven’t successfully been treated with different methods.

4. Thermotherapy

In thermotherapy, there is a use of heat to get rid of the cancer cells as well as may be used in combination with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, as heat can recover the treatments effectiveness. A laser is used to produce the heat directed directly at the tumor. This heat will assist in destroying tumor.

5. Chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is also done to destroy cancer cells. Different drugs are used according to the patient’s needs.


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