Practice Yoga & Experience The Self

“Yoga takes you into present moment, the only place where life exists”. This is so true about Yoga. As Bhagavad Gita says “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self”.

In these statements lies the strategic discipline of Yoga in reality. This old and otherworldly discipline offers a direct method for allaying the common turbulence of thoughts and fretfulness of body that keep us from recognizing what we truly are and what we truly can be.

The question a lot of people ask is that what is yoga?

A lot of us believe yoga is just an exercise to may be shed some pounds or to achieve peace but nobody knows what peace they are talking about and most of the times they are not even aware if they really need some in their life or not. This is a tricky situation because yoga only helps when a person is aware of what is going on around them and when they want to cancel the noise around them to achieve the inner peace and gratification. If you don’t have the desire and if you don’t understand the fulfillment inner peace provides then yoga cannot be as effective as it can be for those who understand sanctity and are looking for some inside satisfaction leading to peace. Peace, in actuality is the harmony that can create space in your heart to look at the world in a totally different manner. A peaceful person is always a true reflection of graciousness and humanity. Why? Because peace provides fulfillment, serenity and joy to the soul and once a person has achieved these physiognomies there is no turning back in life. With each day that passes by incorporating yoga meditation into your routine you take steps towards the highest and highest levels of satisfaction.

Yoga is a straightforward methodology of turning around the standard outward stream of vitality and awareness so the brain turns into an element focus of direct discernment. Yoga is a discipline that pushes the consciousness to become more dynamic and makes a person independent of the fallible senses and enables him/her to experience the truth.

Usually our mindfulness and energies are steered outwards, to the things of this world, which we see through the restricted instruments of our five faculties. Since human reason needs to depend upon the median and frequently misleading information supplied by the physical faculties, we must figure out how to tap deeper and more unpretentious levels of mindfulness in the event that we would comprehend the riddles of life — Who am I? What am I doing here? How would I acknowledge truth?

These are some of the questions one has to ask themselves but the answer can only be perfect if the mind is empty and the thoughts are not biased. In order to create an impartial thought process one has to first empty the brain of all the happenings of existence stored inside it and that emptiness, the moments of zero thoughts can only be achieved with regular practice of yoga.

The advice to all is to get into the regular practice of yoga and explore the world in a different manner with zero bias.

By : Natural Health News

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