Knock Out Office Fatigue & Poor Posture

We all know working in an office from 9 to 5 and sometimes sitting late on days when you are loaded with work can be a source of fatigue and usually it happens because of the posture you sit in. All of us normally couch while sitting on a chair and after a while our neck, middle or lower back starts hurting within an hour. Imagine the amount of damage sitting in the same posture for 8 to 10 hours a day can do. In order to keep your back and neck healthy you need to find the right posture and the right posture is when your head is balanced and directly above your erected spine. What normally happens when you are working is that you move your head forward which displaces the right posture and puts more pressure on the spine which is standing erect without any support. This can result in muscle pain and back issues.

In order to avoid these issues you have to and you should improve your posture. You must be wondering now how can one improve their posture? It can be challenging, like really challenging to sit straight with your head perfectly positioned right above your erect spine but that itself can be tiring if you don’t have enough practice.

So, the question right now is that how can your posture be improved?

You can easily improve your posture by incorporating yoga into your daily routine. Yoga strengthens the core and elongates the spine and enables it to hold up your body all day long. Spine plays a key role in maintaining your posture so it needs to be in the best condition possible. Yoga is one thing that can sustain your spine and keep it in good condition to hold up the body with much more strength. There is a complete yoga workout plan which uses different exercises and postures to strengthen your spine.

Click here to find about the steps essential for improving your sitting posture to prevent yourself from getting fatigued halfway through the day.


By : Natural Health News

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