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Post Polio Syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Post Polio Syndrome?

It is a condition that targets the survivors of polio. It occurs years or decades after the first poliomyelitis virus attack. It causes a number of disabling symptoms including joint pain, new weakness of muscle, tiredness and muscle pain. Unfortunately, post polio syndrome is incurable and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Though, since the condition is considered as a sequence of polio, polio vaccine can help you protect against polio, preventing PPP in other means.

What Are The Symptoms Of Post Polio Syndrome?

Post polio syndrome sources a wide array of symptoms:

  •  Fatigue: it is among the common signs of post polio syndrome. Though, it can occur in various forms such as muscle fatigue, mental fatigue and general fatigue.
  •  Muscle weakness: progressive weakness of muscle is also one of its common symptoms.
  •  Atrophy: post polio syndrome can cause the affected muscles to shrink.
  •  Joint and muscle pain: pain may feel like the pain of arthritis whilst consist of stiffness, soreness and impaired movement range.

Few other symptoms of post polio syndrome include:

  •  Weight gain.
  •  Walking difficulties.
  •  Sleep apnoea.
  •  Swallowing difficulties.
  •  Sensitivity to cold.

What Causes Post Polio Syndrome?

It is most likely to occur from the damage caused by polio, as the condition damages the nerves responsible for controlling your muscles, resulting in weakness of muscles. One may obtain back his muscles usage after the polio virus attack; however the essential nerves which help connecting our muscles may become damaged. They may break down gradually, leading weak and painful muscles again. Furthermore, researchers are working hard to identify other possible triggers of PPS; however they believe the body’s immune system to play a role in its occurrence.

What Are The Risk Factors Of Post Polio Syndrome?

Not every individual with polio tends to experience post polio syndrome. Average time reported for its symptoms to appear is 15 years after the polio virus attack. It’s difficult to predict who will develop PPP and when.

How Is Post Polio Syndrome Diagnosed?

The doctor will need complete details regarding the patient’s symptoms. He or she will also ask for the medical records. In order to ascertain post polio syndrome, he will suggest lab tests.

How Is Post Polio Syndrome Treated?

Unfortunately, post polio syndrome is incurable. However its treatment aims to help the patient control its symptoms, whilst learn different ways to feel better and stay active despite muscle weakness.

Have a look to the following points that will help you for the purpose:

  •  Enough rest and healthy weight gain is very important for the patients of post polio syndrome.
  •  Your physical therapist or doctor can help you sketch an exercise program. Appropriate exercise will greatly help strengthen the muscles.
  •  Ask your doctor to prescribe medicines for fatigue and pain.
  •  In order to relieve pain, try physical therapies.
  •  For making your activities easy to perform, use assistive devices.

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