M.A.C Saudi Arabia Store Tour

Store: M.A.C Cosmetics

I have recently been to Saudi Arabia for a family visit and found some amazing M.A.C stores in almost all the best malls of Jeddah. The stores have been so amazingly designed that you feel you’ve entered a US M.A.C store. These store shave been recently renovated because last when I visited 10 years back there was no sign of such amazingness :D. Anyways, better late than never! They are overly priced though, twice the price we get in the US but hey, once you enter the store you don’t feel like coming out without picking up a lippie or two 😉

Almost all the stores had well-trained staff to help you pick the right shade and product according to your Skin & Beauty type and the best part is that they had one or two sales girl who can speak English, sigh of relief for those who are “maafiarabi” (don’t know Arabic). I spent a good one hour at the M.A.C store in Red Sea Mall and swatched all the colors requested by my Snapchat followers.  I am attaching here some of the swatches and product pictures for you all. ENJOY!

Note: These are Snap chat pictures as obviously I couldn’t use my camera to take blog pictures for obvious reasons: D!

By : Natural Health News



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