Licorice Root

What is Licorice Root?

For most people the name Licorice conjures up images of candy. Licorice candy is called such because its distinct taste and aroma comes from the roots of the Licorice plant. This plant, whose scientific name is Glycyrrhiza glabra, contains many compounds that not only give it a unique flavor, but also make it a remarkable medicine.One of these compounds is called glycyrrhizin. It is fifty times sweeter than sugar and may be the main reason this plant is used in food.
The culinary and medicinal use of Licorice Root goes back thousands of years and spans from the east to the west. It has soothing and expectorant properties that make it ideal for respiratory problems such as cold and flu.

Benefits of Licorice Root

  •     It has a good reputation as a treatment for stomach ulcers
  •     It provides relief from heartburn by lowering acidity levels in the stomach
  •     It provides relief from indigestion and also helps with constipation by acting as a laxative
  •     Its topical application relieves pain caused by canker sores
  •     Its antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties help the immune system in fighting off harmful agents
  •     It has antipyretic and analgesic properties that make it the equivalent of aspirin
  •     It is a great remedy for people suffering from respiratory problems such as cold and flu. Not only does it provide pain and irritation relief, but also helps the body get rid of phlegm
  •     It helps the body better cope with physical and emotional stress
  •     It increases the energy levels within the body, aiding those with chronic fatigue syndrome
  •     It is great for liver health and helps those with hepatitis. It reduces inflammation of the liver and even fights the virus that causes hepatitis. Moreover it prevents further damage to the liver and promotes healing within it
  •     It reduces hot flashes related to menopause

By : Natural Health News

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