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Lice Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

What Is Lice ?

These are the small, parasitic insects known to feed on blood. These wingless creatures can spread easily by means of sharing belongings, and head-to-head contact, mostly by school children.

There are certain types of lice, these are:

  • Head lice: the type of lice tends to develop on the scalp.
  • Body lice: lives on bedding and in clothing, these lice move on to the skin for feeding.
  • Public lice: also known as crabs, these lives on the hair and skin of the public area.

No matter, to what level you pursue good hygiene practice, yet, you can get lice. Unless, it is treated appropriately, the condition has the possibility to recur.

What Are The Symptoms Of Lice ?

Common symptoms of lice are as follow:

  • Extreme itching.
  • Red, tiny bumps on your shoulders, neck and scalp.
  • Presence of nits that are the eggs of lice, on the hair shafts.
  • Tickling feeling as your hair moves.
  • Presence of lice on the clothing, body or scalp.

In addition to this, the size of adult lice can be slightly larger, or more or less same of a sesame seed.

What Causes Of Lice ?

Simply by coming in contact with the eggs of lice or lice itself, or can get them.  These eggs take a week to hatch. Body-to-body, or head-to-head contact, serve as the basis of its spread. School children are the common carrier of head lice, as they play and work with other mates closely. In addition, lice also spread through sharing combs, blankets, towels and clothing etc. These can manage to survive for a day or two, in case they are off your body.

One can have body lice in case a certain type of lice manages to invade the clothing and body. Close contacts with an infected individual also permits them to spread. As far as the cause of public lice is concerned, it spreads by means of sexual contact. Obviously, public lice commonly develop in adults. In case these are spotted on children, then this can be an indication towards sexual abuse or exposure.

How Are Lice Diagnosis ?

To diagnose it, the doctor will examine your hair or public areas. He or she will use a magnifying lens for the purpose. Moreover, to look for nits, the doctor will use a light, known as Wood’s light. This special light makes them appear pale blue.

How Are Lice Treatment ?

For head lice, there are a number of over-the-counter products (for example shampoo) that can help you with lice. However; in case these have failed to respond over-the-counter drugs, it is advice to seek medical assistance. The doctor will possibly prescribe medications that you will need to apply to the hair. Though, the quantity suggested should be followed accordingly, as too much application can lead to irritation of skin.

For body lice, no treatment is needed. However; it is important to avoid close contacts with an infected person. Besides, following good hygiene practice is also important. For public lice, the doctor can prescribe treatment that helps with head lice, or at times, over-the counter products help.

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