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Is Beauty Blender Worth The Hype?

Oh! The Beauty Blender – Worth the Hype?

So, is it truly worth the hype? Do you really want to know?

Ummmmmm… what if I don’t tell you?

hahaha… *EVIL GRIN*

Anyways jokes apart here comes a detailed review of this beauty blender!20141217_094549This is how it looks when placed upright. Exactly the shape of a hard boiled egg but YEAH OH Egg is never so pointy?
Anyways coming to the point, does it even do what it claims?
Ummmmm if you want to really know then you’ll have to read it till the end. There is a reason!
Well, my first experience was like OMG! WTH! I have wasted so much money on this egg? What did I do? Am I crazy or what? It just applies foundation like I normally apply with my fingers. Am I planning to sell my fingers off or what? Why on earth did I buy it? These were just some of the instant reactions. Picked up my phone and called a friend in panic oh my money got wasted blablabla!!! I decided to just use it because it came with a hefty price tag so I thought I should use it everyday to just satisfy myself that ok I did use this product but oh, yeah! It was the RIGHT DECISION…
I am skipping all the middle stories and jumping on to what I feel about it TODAY and my feelings are
I am totally in love with this little bundle of joy. Yes! Its my baby and will continue to be my baby forever unless something more cute and fun pops up?
After dipping in water for 30 seconds it makes my foundation goes on so smoothly and within seconds. All I have to do is just dip it into water for 30 seconds, squeeze it twice or thrice and its good to go. It gives me nice and dewy finish that lasts whole day. Upon dipping it in water it increases in size awwww that’s so cute.
All I have to do is tap taptap a couple of times and my foundation spreads evenly all over my face. I also use it to apply concealer and OH-MY-GOD my concealer goes on soooo smoothly and it has always been a struggle for me to apply perfect concealer under and around my eyes before the invention of this cutie pie.
So, summing it up I absolutely adore this cutie and will continue to repurchase it for a long long time.

Is Beauty Blender Worth The Hype

Is Beauty Blender Worth The Hype

Is Beauty Blender Worth The Hype

By : Natural Health News

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