Important Things To Remember For 20-Minute Pregnancy Exercise Plan

If you have gone through the previous posts you would know that we have posted here a 20 minute pregnancy exercise plan which you should incorporate in your daily routine without exerting yourself too much.

It is really important to keep in mind the following things as stated by Dr. Shelly Bata:

  •     You have to make concessions to your pregnancy
  •     You have to set your own comfortable pace
  •     Don’t rush yourself into it because that way you have nothing to gain
  •     Don’t push yourself to complete the workout in very first attempt
  •     Don’t try too many exercises at a time
  •     Just add one exercise every week to your routine
  •     Always keep in mind the right posture and maintain it
  •     It is important to maintain posture because your center of gravity changes during pregnancy
  •     Avoid the temptation to slump forward
  •     Always stand erect, with your eyes facing forward, head held high, chin tucked in and your neck straight
  •     Choose straight-back chair instead of a soft cushioned seat If you have to sit down
  •     Don’t sink low into the cushioned seats
  •     Always keep your back straight
  •     Rest your thighs along the length of the chair
  •     Avoid sitting on the floor but in case you have to, sit cross-legged which is also known as the tailor position
  •     The tailor position is advised because it stretches and increases flexibility along the inner thigh muscles
  •     Always avoid lying supine
  •     Always lie down on your side, especially in the left lateral position because it increases blood supply to the foetus and promotes growth
  •     Roll onto the side and prop yourself up on your arms and get up slowly when you have to get up from the bed

These are some of the precautions you need to register in your mind so that all goes smoothly. For more information on pregnancy exercises keep reading more posts in our well-being section.


By : Natural Health News


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