20 Minutes Pregnancy Exercise Chart

Here is a pregnancy exercise chart with timings and the activities you can perform within those 20 minutes. This has been designed keeping in mind the body type and strength of an average woman. The force behind this chart and tips and tricks about well-being for pregnant mothers is Dr. Shelly Batra.

Time Category Exercises Notes
3 minutes daily Warm up Rib cage stretch

Arm circles

Shoulder rolls


Do each exercise for only 1 minute.
4 minutes daily Stretching Neck stretch

Triceps stretch

Calf stretch

Total body stretch

Do each exercise for only 1 minute.
5 minutes daily Pregnancy-specific exercise Pelvic rock

Tailor press

Isometric tailor press

Tailor stretch

Pelvic tilt

Do each exercise for only 1 minute.

In addition you should do Kegel exercises throughout the day.

5 minutes on alternate days Aerobics
5 minutes on alternate days Light weight training Biceps curls

Triceps curls

Back raise

Wall press up

Beginners squats

3 minutes daily Cool down Continue with your aerobic activity or repeat the stretching exercises.


By : Natural Health News

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