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Ideal Food Choices For Body Building

Body building does not only include lifting heaviest weights but it also involves better food choices that can help you gain that healthy mass on your muscles. There are several ideal food choices for body building which help you gain those muscles quicker and in a much healthier manner than you normally would with poor food choices. Here are some ideal food choices for body building that are essential when you are on a muscle gain spree:


Pair your bowl of oatmeal with two egg white omelet to turn your breakfast into a powerhouse of protein to provide you energy throughout the day. Egg white is the best protein out there that you can get in the cheapest price.


Lean cuts of red meat are powered by protein so it is ideal to have a steak of lean red meat slices for lunch. In case you don’t like red meat the second best choice would be lean cuts of chicken breast.


Prepare salmon fillet for your dinner or lunch depending on your requirement and mood because it has the prerequisite protein as well as unsaturated fats which are considered good fats. When you lift heavy hardcore weights you lose a lot of your fat which makes you deficient in fats; therefore, taking fish or salmon can help you regain good fats back in your body. It’s great to have the bad fats replaced with good ones by introducing salmon in your meals.



Since you would already be taking a lot of proteins, your body would definitely need some carbs too. No matter how much you have eaten, if your body gets efficient in carbs you would feel lethargic and drained of energy. Carbohydrates can bring back that energy but it has to be good carbs. Sweet potato is one option that you can introduce in your meals. Boil a sweet potato along with your steak and there you go… You have a meal that has good carbs, good fats and high proteins.


A lot of people assume that body building is all about eating proteins all day but no, it’s actually not. You do need to have more percentage of proteins but that doesn’t mean you ignore your carbs and fats completely. You can add a portion of asparagus in your meals. Asparagus is great because of its water leaching quality. It makes you feel fuller for long and that way you eat fewer calories but better nutrition.

By : Natural Health News

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