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How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly?

The technique to apply eyeliner is very simple. Honestly it’s not rocket science; not at least as difficult as it sounds. Only if you get to learn to apply eyeliner the right way you can rock your whole makeup look. The reason why we have this whole beauty corner setup for you is because we want you to learn as much as you can from our certified makeup artist.

Now the question is how to apply eyeliner perfectly?

Here is how you can create that perfect wing without having any untidy bumps and smudges on your eyeliner.  Just keep these things in mind next time you pick up your liner to draw that killer wing!

  1.     Do not apply eyeliner in one motion because the loose skin is going to cause those untidy bumps we don’t need in our eyeliner
  2.     Start applying eyeliner from the inner and bring the line towards the center of your lid and STOP there
  3.     Reload the brush with more product and now start from the outer corner towards the center of your lid again where it matches the point where you stopped
  4.     You will get a perfect line by now
  5.     You can thicken it as per your desire
  6.     Now to create the wing start from the outer corner and take it towards the outer corner of your eyebrows
  7.     The wing should stop somewhere between outer corner of your eye and the outer corner of your eyebrow
  8.     Don’t extend the wing too much towards your eyebrows
  9.     The wing should not touch the eyebrows

That’s it! You have the wing ready. Now you can alter it as per your choice by being as creative

By : Natural Health News

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