How Five Days Apple Diet Plan Works?

Apple diet is good for you, not only that they are sweet in taste but they have substance which maintain your body. Apples which are rich in minerals, vitamins, fibers, and calories. Apples are good for the nervous system because apples have also nutrients. Apples have also calcium and phosphorus. It is also proves beneficial for our solid structure of teeth. Apple diet is also important for your child’s health. They are not expensive and you can give apple in lunch box. Apple is also good for your digestion system because it has essential minerals and vitamins.

Apple diet protect you from asthma, diabetes, risk of stroke blood cholesterol, respiratory disease, and improve your bowel function and liver function. Apple diet fulfill the 11% of a man’s daily requirement and 13% of a women’s. Large apple can give you 5% mineral potassium which keep blood pressure normal. Apples which are low in calories. They have no saturated fats and cholesterol. It prevent you from absorption of dietary or cholesterol in gut. Apple contain also vitamin C. It is a strong and powerful natural antioxidant. Daily apple diet improve your eyesight and make them strong. It help to reduce the night blindness. Apple diet also reduce the weakness and the people who are ill, it help to recover from their illness. If you want you gain your weight then eat apple daily. The people who are suffering from diabetes and the poly phenols in apples have link to reduce the uptake of carbohydrates by the body. Apple juice is a tasty drink in all over the world. Apples can be baked, frozen, mashed.

Apple for skin care:

Mixture of apple and honey or apple or milk makes the skin glow and shine when you apply on your face. This is due to powerful antioxidants in skin and flesh of apples. It helps to remove the age spots, wrinkles.

5 day apple diet plan

Five day apple Diet Plans are easy to follow because it also helps you to lose weight.

Day one:

Apple should be eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day two:

Breakfast: eat apples
Lunch: eat an apples, green salad, two carrots and quarter onion.
Dinner: eat apples for night time meal

Day three:

Breakfast: an apple with one slice of wholegrain or chicken bacon.
Lunch: an apple, green salad two carrots and half quarter of an onion
Dinner:eat apples

Day Four:

Breakfast: an apple, a slice of whole grain bread which is of low fat bacon.
Lunch: an apple with a raw veggie salad and lean roast beef and skinned chicken of 200 grams.
Dinner: eat apple, whole grain cereals and non-fat milk.

Day five:

Breakfast: boiled egg, an apples and a slice of whole grain
Lunch: raw vegetable salad, roast beef or skinned chicken of 200 grams.
Dinner: eat apples and they will help you for weight loss.


By : Natural Health News

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