Foods That Can Replace Your High Cholesterol Diet…

Here are some of the food options that you can keep in mind to replace your high cholesterol diet. It is not healthy to have foods that are high in cholesterol such as red meat, full fat dairy, coconut oils etc. We have prepared a list of foods that are low in cholesterol and can easily replace your high cholesterol diet.


  •     Have them for breakfast
  •     They can lower your cholesterol by 5.3% in 6 weeks
  •     It absorbs LDL and then your body excretes it

Red Wine

  •     Red wine reduces LDL levels by 9%

Salmon & fatty fish

  •     Omega-3 fats are known for their health benefits
  •     They keep the heart disease at bay
  •     They are also known to ward off dementia and some other diseases
  •     Omega-3 fats raise good cholesterol levels by 4% on average


  •     Have them as a healthy snack
  •     Keep a portion check because they are high in calories
  •     1.5 ounce of whole walnuts can lower cholesterol levels by 5.4% on average in about a month
  •     You can also have peanut butter layered on your brown toast


  •     Reduces blood lipids by 10% in 3 weeks


  •     Beans are rich in fiber
  •     Lowers cholesterol by 8%

Dark Chocolate

  •     It is rich in antioxidants
  •     Can help build HDL cholesterol levels
  •     Keep arteries unclogged
  •     Make sure you have dark chocolate


  •     Take margarine with plant sterols
  •     Plant sterols reduces cholesterol absorption
  •     Reduces cholesterol by 3.5%


  •     Prevents blood clots
  •     Reduces blood pressure
  •     Protects against infections
  •     Helps stop artery clogging plaque from building up
  •     Keeps cholesterol particles from sticking to artery walls

Olive Oil

  •     Full of heart healthy mono-saturated fatty acids
  •     Lowers LDL levels
  •     Use it without heating on your salad dressings and your vegetables
  •     Don’t overcook it
  •     Don’t use for frying


  •     Contains a lot of lutein


  •     A great source of heart health mono-saturated fats
  •     Raises HDL
  •     Keep portion check because they are high in calories

So these are some of the foods you can eat to replace your diet rich in cholesterol. Make wiser food choices if you want to live an active and a healthy lifestyle forever.

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