Food Which Should eat in Advocare Diet

What is Advocare Diet?

Advocare Diet is the idea which adds things like probiotics, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, which makes your body healthy and make able to work properly. We can also say that Advocare Diet is weight loss program, you should focus on a well-balanced diet which should be full of lean proteins, fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. Do not try to eat too many fruits, snacks with breakfast, you should know that there is protein in snacks or not. If you drink bear, take it light or low carb bear.

There are two phases of Advocare diet

What is Cleanse Phase?

Cleanse phase is that phase which helps to remove waste material and preparing for optimal nutrient absorption. In this phase you will eat real and healthy foods.

What is Max Phase?

During max phase it is about next 11-24, it will provide you best tools to achieve your next weight management goal. It consist of metabolic nutrition system which claims to increase metabolism, which control your appetite and also support core nutrition when you take meal replacement drinks. This phase also included the meal plan which emphasizes lean protein like chicken and turkey breast some non – starchy vegetables like broccoli and tomatoes and also complex carbs like whole grains, and quinoa

Following are some directions for the Advocare Diet:

Try to avoid dairy products like ice cream, cream cakes and the products which contain a lot of sugar keep dairy off from the menu
Drink plenty of water in a day.

You should don’t skip meals, eat less or overeating and try to eat healthy snacks which maintain your metabolism good.
You make sure that you can get some exercise, you should don’t use lift for going up or down just used stairs because any extra movement can help your body to maintain yourself fit.

Following are some food which you should eat

  •     Eggs
  •     Chicken breast
  •     Fish, Ground turkey
  •     Oatmeal
  •     Fresh fruits and vegetables
  •     Beans
  •     Lentils
  •     Rice milk
  •     Almond Milk
  •     Fresh juices
  •     Herbal teas
  •     Peanut
  •     Almond Butter
  •     Garlic, Herbs used low sodium
  •     Healthy fats like olive oil
  •     Nuts, seeds

Following are some food which should avoid

  •     Alcohol
  •     Sugar, honey, energy drinks
  •     Sodas
  •     White bread
  •     White pasta
  •     Fast foods like pizza, burgers
  •     Sauces
  •     Fried food
  •     Fatty foods
  •     Ground beef
  •     Mushrooms and cheese
  •     Dairy products like cow’s milk, yogurt, butter etc.
  •     Instant rice
  •     Dried fruit coated with sugar
  •     Canned fruit or vegetables.

Some foods are optional because they have not a low glycemic carbs but you can hold it for ten days for better results

  •     100% whole grain pasta
  •     100% whole wheat bread
  •     Sprouted grain bread or tortillas

By : Natural Health News

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